365.113-117-Mommy Rhetoric At Home

365.113 (If only you could hear this picture)-A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming. ~Jane Fonda

365.114-Puppy Girl “Cece” still holding strong. Love that girl!

365.115-Though it came and went I hope you celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! We did.

365.116-“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of.” ~Anonymous

365.117-Today was donut day. We did up “from scratch style”. I stood there and wondered what old religious lady would have to say if she saw me standing there making this together as a family this AM? Pin11) From scratch donuts which I pinned from here. I admitted have used the recipe that my Momma made for me so I didn’t steal this pin and try and make it. But it is exactly the same as mine. Minus one thing….the dipping of butter. To me it seems a bit excessive and fattening. Maybe that makes it better but my version is pretty darn yummy so I am not interested in changing a thing. But I encourage no suggest strongly that you give this a go. And it is a great recipe to squeeze in where the whole family can help in the making of.


Wanna see what else I have pinned? Go here.


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