He’s my buddy, Momma!

As I have said before, Mommy Jargon and I have ran pretty parallel lives once we met our guys. Our guys who were buddies in high school. The three of them: Mj, my guy and MJ’s guy all went to high school together. I met her back when I was first with my guy. By chance our girls ended up in the same kindy class. I was the room mom, I was scared of calling people I didn’t know but I “knew” them. Knew as in knew of and thought it would be okay to be socially awkward. It was a quick and fast friendship. She comes to my house and says, “I am pregnant.” The girl was pretty pregnant and skinny. Grr. But that little baby. I have watched him grow, held him when he was crying, I am fairly certain he has probably spit up on me or something like that. If as a mom you could have children outside of your body her kiddos would be it. I love other children but I love these kiddos. We are just those kind of friends. It feels more familyish. It just worked out that we have three children all very close in age and they have lots in common.

But her #3 and #3 have grown up together. They actually have about a year apart but it seems like that difference was lost once my # 3 was mobile. It is so fun to watch them grow and change through the years. And I just love that little guy. But my # 3 she adores him. She always says, “Mom, he’s my buddy.” And gets so excited when he wants to play with her. And they fight just like siblings sometimes too.

I have said it countless times here but I am grateful my girls have a mom and dad and family they can count on outside of us. I know sometimes it takes a village and I like that I can hand pick them.

Anway, on Tuesday we went to the park and here are just some of my favorite pictures. The rest can be seen at my flickr.



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