MJ’s Review of GCB (and a Little Trip Down Memory Lane)

Sunday night was the premier of the new show GCB on ABC.  I have really been looking forward to watching this.  The commercials for it cracked me up. Especially the snip-it when the daughter, after seeing all of her mother’s guns, asks “What are you afraid of, Mother?”  The mother seriously replies, “Not a damn thing.”

Good Christian Bitches

In case you missed it, an extremely short sum up would be this:  A once high school “mean-girl-prom-queen” returns to her Texas hometown disgraced, widowed, and with her two kids. She finds that all the girls that she was mean to are now dead set on making sure she doesn’t reclaim her position that they took over after she left.  Of course all the while these girls are claiming to be good, sweet Christian ladies.  Hypocrisy at its most hilarious.

The show is based on this book, that I have decided is on my must read list!

After watching the show, I could not help but venture down memory lane and think of all the “mean girls” from my school.  Just in case you are wondering, no, I wasn’t one of them.  My mean girl lived close to me, was in the grade ahead of me at our small private Catholic school, rode the same bus, was the captain of the cheerleaders, and happened to be the cousin of my best friend.  She tortured me on the bus, made fun of my voice, constantly found ways to put me down, made sure I didn’t make the cheer-leading squad, and eventually talked my best friend into leaving me behind.

Guess who also now goes to the same non-denominational church I belong to, yep, my mean girl.  (Luckily my situation is nothing like the show!)  I think the saddest part of all of it is that I never have had a real conversation with her.  In fact, I think I have only actually said about total ten words to this girl in my entire life, despite her saying so many to me and about me.

I know that I never did anything to her to deserve the outpouring of mean I received, but that is the way it goes.  I was just a shy awkward kid who was the perfect candidate for some bullying.  During middle school though I did do something to her indirectly to ruffle her feathers.  I was a little too happy to cause some grief, even if it was unintentional.  One of my friends had a crush on a boy in her class.  So she called him, then he asked her why she had called.  In a panic, my friend told him that she called to see if he liked me because I liked him.  I was sitting across from her during this and I still remember that the chips I was eating flew right out of my mouth.  Anyway, they kept calling each other every day to discuss “me.  I wasn’t actually talked about much at all, I think he really knew who liked who.  Well, back to my mean girl.  Guess who was this boy’s girlfriend?  Yep, my mean girl!  So I took the fall big time for my friend.  I didn’t mind a bit.  In fact, I was all to happy to do it!


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