Saturday Sharing-Randomness

Well here we are at the tail end of spring break and I still don’t feel the best. I had a few good days wrapped in some okay days. At this point I just wonder who I go see. What do I say? I am not at all interested in my technically 6th round of antibiotics in less 7 weeks. I don’t believe in using medicines at all like I have and truthfully they only mildly address the problem. And who could really tell anyway? Maybe it is my just my immune system catching up on the good days. I have started working out again and that has helped a lot with the way I have been feeling. I have contacted a new physician but they can’t see me till about third week in April. Which doesn’t help the right now. So I am forced to bite the bullet and either see my previous doc or wait it out and see what happened.

Plus again, I don’t know what to say other than I don’t feel like myself. The real problem is the puking. I puke at the most random and weird times. My stomach has no real stomach cramps or flulike feelings and out of the blue I vomit. The good news is I am functional. I am able to go about my business and on the really bad days the anti-nausea meds seems to stop the puking. I went almost four days with no puke only to have it revisit yesterday. None of it makes sense but I am not horribly worried since I have had every single test under the sun and all show good results. More than anything I just want to feel normal again for my family.

I am just praying really hard that my immune system took a beating and I am just trying to slowly recover. Add in that my children are petrie dishes and I am just getting hit from every angle. Needless to say I am ready for some warm, dry weather to get rid of these cold bugs and to finally feel like regular ol’ Mommy Rhetoric even though MR’s scale is trickling down.

Kid Sharing

There is this super cool kid “safe” browser. I tell every single parent I know. I cannot remember where I originally saw it the first time. But I was introduced to it and loved it immediately. Think of mozilla without the sexy pictures, weird video links or people saying, “Want a college degree? Read what Obama says about that?” This browser is a downloadable file that allows your children to easily maneuver the internet safely. It has filters on it that filters out the garbage and it keeps it really simple. So simple my 2 year surfs regularly. It’s Youtube channel is a favorite around these parts. As well, it scrolls the tops sites of the day and my kiddos like that too. Ready to know what it is? Kidzui. Download it now. You won’t be sorry. Oh and it sends a report breaking down the amount of time your kiddo is spending on the net and on what sites. Kind of cool!

Pin Sharing

Pin13) Was awful you all! I feel bad even linking you to the site because it wasn’t this poor owners fault. It was mine. I just could tell from the beginning that something went horribly wrong. I cannot pinpoint what it was or where I screwed up. But I did. And the end result were horribly separated big hockey pucks that my kiddos had fun banging on the table with in hysterics. The funny thing is I had a weird feeling about them when I pinned it. I even said, “Should I?” Under my pin. My # 1 declared…no mom, you shouldn’t! I am to embarrassed to even show the pictures because they are so deceiving. They look all Martha Stewartish in their different color doughs. That ends up going horribly wrong.

Big Bang  & GCB Sharing

I adore Big Bang Theory. I have shared that before but I loved this weeks episode. It was pretty awesome. I love that Sheldon finally succumbed to the fact that he is in a relationship but yet it is still on his terms. Pretty sure you should watch it. Want to see the full episode? Click here!

Like MommyJargon I loved the new show GCB. Although, I had no idea it stood for Good Christian B*&tches. I was planning to keep it on the down low I even watched it. But it was too perfect not too. I love several of the actresses in it and I just had to tune in. I am glad I did and can’t wait for Sunday to see it again.

I guess that is about all I got for this week. I am slow and low and stuffed up with snot so I am just gonna go do what I do best. Cuddle with my girls!


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.

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