Gotta get better 365

I am getting bad about doing bundled posts for these. The goal was to try and do them daily and while I take them daily I am horrible about uploading them daily. I may work on that, I may not. It is spring here in Indiana and that means time will be diverted to outside and playing. But we will see.

365-123 We have finally reached adorable little girl pony tail status.

365.124 These are those horribly bad cookies that I failed miserably on. Again I reiterate it was NOT the recipe but the state of mind of the cook. 😉

365.125- “Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.” ~John Lennon

365.126-Living like a pioneer thanks to my 11 year old washer bidding us adieu. It was inevitable and the good news is I got a brand new one being delivered today.
365.127- It amazes me at what I consume as a graduate student. I always hear my friends talking about the latest and trendiest books and I am happily reading the dustiest, oldest versions/print outs of classics. All those papers and books have been consumed by me since August 22. Not impressed well okay. Each of those printed pages actually is reducing my own killing of trees by printing 4-6 pages on a 8.5×11. Meaning I have read a whole heck of a lot. My favorite line of my current reading…”Just take a knife and sever that useless meat” (Juvenale) and yes that is the exact “meat” you think it is and yes we are talking real knives here folks. Come on, are today’s books this good? Okay I am a book that much I know.

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