Just Write…My lazy mornings

He is the one I wake up to. This morning I did anyway. I hear his belt clang around as he puts his pants on. Ironically, just like I do. It is a noise I have heard and seen over and over. This morning though the redundancy provided me safe harbor. Not that I need a safe harbor nor that I would admit a man would be that place.but he is one none the less.

I rolled over. I closed my eyes thinking if I could just squeak out one last moment of sleep. They needed me out there. I heard # 2 spoon as it dug at the bottom of the bowl. I heard # 1 huff as her dad said, “move”. She always needs that reminding. Move dear girl move. Brush your teeth, your hair, no you can’t wear that to school. The list goes on with her.

I suddenly realize 15 minutes past. The sun is shining on me. I stretch. I saunter out and all was handled. He handled it all that guy. The one that provides safe harbor. He whispers, “Go back to bed, I am gonna take them to school today.” I can barely see from the sleep (or pink eye crusties) and I hug them and as I walk away I mumble out…”Night night girls, love you.” I am too sleepy to realize the mistake but as we walk in different directions I hear giggles so I am sure they laughed at me.

Moments later I am in bed, I smell a familiar smell cherry chapstick on my cheek. That old safe harbor is a man of routine. Never different. Always swiping those morning kisses while I am sleeping and before I know it I am.

Then it is smack, smack, smack, “I’n up momma, I’n up.” Ahh does it have to go so fast? The sleep. It just slips right passed and sometime it feels as if I can barely partake. I open her door and watch as she quickly walks past….”I’n sleep good Momma.” I smile and give her her morning hug.

I scramble some eggs, I toast some bread. I climb on here and I am grateful for my safe harbor and lazy mornings.

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