Saturday Sharing…

Movie Sharing…

Well I am on a high of some sort. It is one I haven’t felt in a long time. I am book excited. I get so slammed with dry scholarly readings that I believe are good and important. But it makes me pompous at times I think. I am a self-proclaimed book snob.

I will admit though it is hard. I always have this internal struggle that it is hard to beat classics and there are reasons they are classics. When mass market books come along I do get caught up in the hype but then resist because they are mass market. Plus I just love reading about history.

I gave into the hype for the Hunger Games. My daughter read the book and loved it. I wanted to see what the hype was all about especially once people started talking about the movies. I am in love people! I am talking come home and start the book in love. I am talking it is all I have thought about since I saw it. And oh the connections it is making to what I am regularly reading. I am in love. I am sure I will continue to discuss this the more I read.

Kid’s Web Sharing…

I am fairly certain this is one of my favorite kids sites. All of my girls have played on this site and adored it. The graphics are cool and all video game like but the learning is awesome and the songs get stuck in your head.

Pinterest sharing…

PIN 13) Eucalyptus Essential Oil for nighttime coughs-I originally pinned this and thought for the cheap price of 3.25 it was worth a try. This has worked like a charm and I love the idea of a natural remedy to our nighttime cough woes. I bought it for my allergy/asthma girl and I have ended up using it more myself with my latest respiratory issues. The bonus to using this that it is a oil and it makes your feet feel great. The one thing I forgot to mention is that you have to put it on your feet. I got mine at Amazon but it was cheaper at the time.

PIN14) A great marriage blog-Most of these ideas seemed pretty obvious to me but it is certainly admirable and inspirational to read and see the way this couple loves one another. This is a harder one to pin and say I have tried it. I certainly took some tips but my guy and I are pretty good at making this thing work. But thanks to pinterest for helping me find it, be inspired and to be reminded of the importance of this man in my life.

Professional Pinning…

Well last year a fellow graduate student and I submitted a conference proposal to or (The 4 C’s as it is known). It was rejected but we had pretty much known that was the norm. I did get asked to chair a discussion for this year but I had to turn it down. I just could not spend that kind of money and have my guy take off that kind of time for work to take care of my chicks. But next year it is in Las Vegas. If you know my family (specifically my guy) then you know that we make this trip almost every four years. I am going next year. I am taking my guy. I am not sure if I will propose a topic yet as I have nothing right now I feel overly moved to research and write about. But maybe that will change. But I am going. I want to experience it and I want to experience it in Las Vegas. As well…there will be some amazing things going on if we read the call for proposals.

As well, parts of my academic and professional life are changing. I spent the first year getting it all balanced out, so I could work on myself professionally and still be the mom and wife I want to be. I just had to figure it out because I refuse to be less of a mom and wife to further myself professionally and academically. But I feel like I have mastered that. I have made the changes I needed and I suspect and know I have some amazing things on the horizon.


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One thought on “Saturday Sharing…

  1. oh my gosh…you are the sweetest thing. That eucalyptus oil pin is from my blog.
    Thanks so much for talking about it here!
    Isn’t it amazing how well it works!
    Thanks again!

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