My one and only warning to my guy…

Mommy Jargon and I plotted a plan last summer as my guy spent another 5-6 hours on the golf course. She says to me, “Who says you can’t play more golf? I want to play golf and hang out with my friends that long no interruption.” I agreed and we made plans. But life happens as it does with children. Summer got away and we had our mild winter. Then spring break happened and so did our golf date.

We figured we would invite my guy the first few rounds so we could umm get coached since he is a golf coach. We made it a double date. Despite cold temps we made a day of it and I have to say we all did really good. Clearly we are no competition (yet!) for my guy but we were for the other three of us. We all had equally good and bad moments. But more than anything we had fun. And seeing my guy in his element I must admit made me fall in love a bit more. He was so happy and patient despite the “newness” of golf to the other three of us.

365.139-Come on admit it, he is a little cute right? Showing off looking all good at golf and stuff?

And my stance? It looks just as good too? NOT!

MommyJargon getting some coaching from my guy

Mommy Jargon’s guy before he decided to try a Happy Gilmore move which I admit might have been the funniest part of the day. Me and my mild crush on all things Adam Sandler. Oh wait, or was the funniest part of the day when we nicknamed him “pond”? Or wait, when Mommy Jargon and I hid behind the tree while he hit the ball and somehow he managed to whiz it right passed our heads and land it three feet away. Maybe that wasn’t so funny.

MommyJargon did something pretty spectacular here…Wait let me show you…

She hit the ball into the pond…but wait…it skipped out landed on the bank and then flopped back into the water

Cause I never had moments like that. Oh wait I did but I had the camera and it didn’t get caught. It was at about this time I declared I was sure I talked too much for the game of golf and I quickly tossed up the hand for my guy to zip it. MommyJargon reminded me that rules are different for women in golf. *giggles*


My warning here and now is that I kind of liked golf. What started at as a desire to see what exactly happens on the golf course for all those hours ended up with me suggesting that maybe we enter some husband/wife tournaments. My guy smiles and shakes his head. No answer. I said, “Oh come, I am not that bad.” He says, “Well, you had a few good shots.” Gee…thanks. But I am warning him that I do intend to take MommyJargon out there with me to play and we will get better and will eventually kick his butt. Even if the golf course had me crushing on him a little, his butt is getting so kicked. And my promise will forever be broken. What promise is that you ask? I kind of always told him that the golf course was his thing. His “mancave” and I would not encroach it. But I guess I will have to limit those times to his golf coaching and league play. Other than that it is fair game.

Have I ever shared a recent picture of my guy and I? And yes, RedlipstickQueen, he rarely smiles or even talks for that fact. But I do love him!


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