Saturday Sharing…

Last week I had sometime to spare before meeting a friend and I decided to spend it in a book store. The funny thing is in their lobby they have shelves of books. I mean the area before you even get to the store. I picked up the book and rubbed my fingers across it. Then it made it’s way to my nose. Just then someone walked in and it was only then I was even partially aware of what I was doing. I thought, “Oh well.”

Books and the smell of them are something that are to be treasured. As I have mentioned here I did give into the kindle craze. But I refuse to go any further than their pearl ink technology which means it looks like a book should look. Not a fancy tablet color computer screen used to suck up our time in absorbent amounts.  I will NEVER go that way. If I go that way it will be via a tablet computer and I will use it to compute. Not read. I do love my kindle but I miss the smell, touch and feel of sitting down with a book. I am avid writer in books. I make notes in margins, I draw and dog ear things. In a kindle you have those features but they are too time consuming for me to stop and do those things. Maybe they aren’t but it still isn’t real because a big part of reading for me is the other senses it uses. I guess in a way it is more intimate.

So the reason for this ramble? After my visit to the book store I realized it has been awhile since I made my way in there to waste some time with my girls. So guess where we are going today? The book store. I came home that day and said, “I am taking you to the book store to buy real books.” Now I haven’t abandoned real books completely nor would I. In fact, my guy would argue we have too many as he is always threatening to throw them out. But it has been awhile so we need to keep in touch with that. I am sure I am just resisting the inevitable take over of technology here but I will resist as long as I can.

Leaving E-Books for Later Sharing…

Now I certainly allow my kiddos to embrace technology. In fact, I probably do so more than the average parent because digital literacy and I, well that is another convo for another day. I just find it is important for them to know the joy of a book and not buttons.

Golf Sharing…

Since I am proclaiming Golf my new thing. I need clubs right? Do I want these? Or these? Or these? I am not sure what kind of money I will spend. It won’t be a crazy amount because I’d liked to see I am gonna stick with it at first. And too be honest my guy had me play with 1 the whole time (minus the putter) and I did just fine with that. So I am contemplating if I even need a set or just a few. My guy just loves all my golf questions as of late. He loves feeling like he can teach me something.

Softball Sharing…

I maybe coaching softball this year. Softball was my thing. I loved it and grew up living and breathing it. I even played in the softball world series when I was 17. I have loved # 1 being in softball and often sat in the stands and coached more than I care to admit. So this year I thought why not? I didn’t want to bump already established coaches but I did want to offer to coach if needed….so I did. Now I am nervous. I am a lot older, fatter and well out of shape. But playing with #1 reminds me just how much I love the sport. Call me coach MR! Oh and there is one big difference…HUGE actually. I played slow pitch. She does fast pitch. YIKES! So now I gotta buy a glove. I really should have already had one. But whatcha gonna do. I couldn’t find mine back at my dad’s house.

This week has been boring in the computer surfing department because the kiddos were home and we were out interacting in a real world which was anything but boring. So the surfing happened when time allowed which was hardly ever.


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One thought on “Saturday Sharing…

  1. First up, I am SO glad I am not the only person who smells books! Second I love that I have some of the same golf clubs in some of my shopping tabs! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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