I like it with a little spice.

Growing up there was a local bar/restaurant down the road. It was called The Coachman. I loved their food. But I especially loved this dish they served. It was blackened chicken and you had to order it special.  You order charbroiled chicken and then add blackening seasoning. It was dee-lish! And hot. Like clean your sinuses out hot. I have spent years trying to recreate the dish. And finally thanks to pinterest I did!

PIN16) 365.143-My guy cut it before I could snap a picture of whole chicken breast, more on that in a bit. Anyway, I found the perfect blackening seasoning and it mimics what I remember from all those years ago. It is the blackening seasoning found on This Week for Dinner. We love to make chicken alfredo from scratch. It also seems to the be the one dish my girls and my guy will tolerate hot, as in spicy. They like it against the creaminess of the sauce. So that is why these pieces are being chopped for our chicken alfredo. It is so good. I recommend highly!

PIN17) My girls were on spring break this week which means it was time for spring break fights. To counter act those arguments I put them on the task of making this homemade peanut butter cup dessert. #1 saw it earlier in the week or day and thought I should make it. After looking at the recipe I realized they could work together and make most of it. So they did! It was super yummy and I have had to make sure I stay away.

My consensus is to make both of these, right away. So yummy and pretty easy!


Wanna see what else I have pinned? Go here.

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