Well it looks pretty.

PIN 18) Believe it or not I am not a pork fan. Unless it is fried to death and smothered in something. But I thought for sure this was the recipe that would change that. Ranch House Pork Chops, but I do believe it may have been my own folly that messed this little pork chop recipe up. So let me dazzle you with the prettiness and then I will share the problem.

The ingredients: Dry Ranch Dip Packet, A can of cream of soup, and pork chops

Mix together soup and ranch mix in a bowl to pour over chops in crock pot. I added about half a cup of water because I felt like it.

Let it bubble away on low for 6 hours

Voila! Add some mashed and asparagus and it looks beautymous right?

Well it tasted more like this…

I am not sure where this went horribly wrong. But it did. I can take a stab. I am a cream soup snob. I am not a huge fan at all of cream of chicken soup. It is a weird unnatural yellow to me and the meat chunks. They make me hurl a little in my mouth thinking of them now. So I thought hey cream of celery would work well and add great flavor. I did get a 98% fat free version. Well apparently they made up for that fat with sodium and I guess the crock pot just increased that horribly.

It would have been good minus that salt taste. I didn’t add any salt so it had to be ingredient and that is the only thing I can blame because this is the pork chop pin that is most famous over there on pinterest. So it was me. I will have to try again with the pinterest version of “homemade” cream of soup. Maybe I will have more luck. My poor # 2 who doesn’t do “fake” or “sarcasm” tried so hard to fake both and well couldn’t. She said, “Momma, will it hurt your feelings if I say I didn’t like it?” I smiled and scraped my plate into garbage.


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