Saturday Sharing – Am I surviving Grad School?

This is my fourth full semester as a graduate student at my university. I spent the first two in a panic trying to balance all I had signed up for. I spent the last one trying to recover from those two and I spent this one feeling self assured I made the right decision, I found the right balance and realized I am on the right path. Now that graduation is looming in exactly a year from now I get asked all the time….”Now what?”

That is the thing. I am not sure. I have been in school officially since the fall semester of 2002. What this means is that since #1 was a baby I have been doing the school thing. And I love it but I am ready to grow up. Maybe get a real job or at least start planning and preparing for such a thing. I even have thrown my name into a few hats and placed my faith that if it was time it would work out. I also am going to apply for my Indiana State teaching license in grades 8-12. I just need some doors nudged opened a little so I can peek in and see if I can see myself there.

I love college teaching. It is awesome and it works well with the schedule with kiddos. But I won’t always need it like this. I want a more consistent job and more than anything I want health benefits I don’t have to pay 100% for. And yes my guy has them at his job but they are mediocre at best. With a family of five we are really feeling the need to have two parents covered.

As well, if I commit to being a college instructor I have two options 1) adjuncting (which makes peanuts and no bennies) or 2) Getting my PhD which I love but I am not sure I love right now. As well, I really think for my PhD if I did it I want to go to Purdue  and if you know where I live that is another sacrifice I am not willing to make for my family yet. My girls have spent all of their lives with me having night classes, copious amounts of work that they don’t understand and just the general financial sacrifice.

When I tell people I don’t want to do PhD ASAP they look at me funny. And I get it, I really do. I am not young to be on this track if this is my track. But I am ready to live a non-student life for awhile. Even now just in the graduate masters program I find myself struggling to be a part of the academic community. Not because I don’t love it, but because I love my family more. I am ready for that time to be with them and for them not to have to worry about me having a class or work to do. I have made it work all these years but my girls are getting more and more active.

And who knew I would turn this into my own mini-dissertation when my Saturday Sharings are usually short and sweet. So for today’s sharing….

Surviving Graduate School Sharing (probably only applies to me but…)

Pinterest Sharing

PIN19) Baked Cinnamon Doughnut Holes which were quite yummy. As usual though I found them to be too dense for my liking. My family (namely my guy) ate them up. I just like a yeasty doughnut. These were cakey. That didn’t stop me from eating a few though. I sent them over the top with a drizzle of vanilla icing. I can’t help myself here sorry. They were a cakey cinnamon roll and definitely something you should try if you like how that sounds.

And don’t forget my PIN18, I have found a dry cream of soup recipe that I think just maybe I might try this again. I will let you know how that goes I am sure.

Reading Sharing

Next on my personal reading list after: Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mocking Jay books is The Lucky One. Yes this movie is all over the place and I will admit to a little crush on Zac Effron. His High School Musical days back when # 1 was obsessed pulled me in. But in a Nicholas Sparks movie/book (yes it was MJ) how can I not want to read? I am always good for a sappy love story.

And I am still reading Shades of Grey and I hear they are making a movie of (Thanks Life In the Meadows). Although I am having trouble understanding how they will make that into a movie that will be able to be watched by a main stream market. Although admittedly I feel like it has tamed down since the initial OMG. So far, there is a really good love story that I like. I also like this modern take on love because it is much more realistic. But again this book has thrown in all kinds of surprises, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they did it again. It is a trilogy so I will let you know if I carry on.

I am told the 50SoG arrived in the big city by us and within an hour it was sold out of the book store. Like people were lined up and they were basically sold before they even opened the box. It will also explain whyy my post about it is one of my highest viewed in the last 30 days.

I am just glad women are comfortable to not only like it but to read it and admit to it. It is shame women feel like they have to hide or admit they like this sort of book because they have existed for a long time. I will never forget my first exposure to a Victorian risque novel in academia. And this semester, those Renaissance writers, they are a bunch of dirty ol’ pervs. I mean like seriously pervvy.

What a shocker…women may just be sexual human beings.  And while I may not be into the sort of thing that is displayed in 50SoG (probably just enough to not follow the trilogy) I am not snubbing it because of what it is and I am not at all shocked women are reading it. Maybe it was all of my early exposure to my grandma reading those dirty Harlequin Romances. Alright off my soap box.

I suppose I shall quit while I am head right?


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