The Games They Play

365.151-The batteries were dead in Wii, Kinect was placed off limits, IPOD needed charged. GASP, they had to partake in a real game.

It lasted for three hours. And yes my #2 struggles sitting still so often stands like this and will add in a butt wiggle or two as she plays. We are all so used to it by now.

I also should confess, I took this Monday. I wanted to share but had a better one then. Then yesterday my guy’s golf season started which means it was a nuts around here. After the kiddo’s were home we had, softball practice, piano practice and dance. YIKES! I didn’t stop and ran a taxi service. So I had to pull from previous pictures. I promise not to do this much. But it was necessary yesterday. I am slaving away on a huge paper and presentation.


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