You and your happy dappy crap!

Okay the latest Facebook article, “15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy” is a great write and read and I mean no disrespect in calling it out. But I want to say come on!   It is amazing to me how these types of things become viral because it is just not realistic.

While I would love to push that magic button to take away all my flaws and horrible aspects about my myself that make me less happy I just know I can’t.  The writing is spectacular and the quotes, we all know I love me some quotes. They are most profound and provide great and meaningful thought. But I am still not buying into it.

And if I choose to be honest, this article that is meant to teach me about how to reach happiness actually made me feel naughty for possessing each and every one of those 15 flaws at one time or another (or all at the same time). Therefore, I guess I should declare myself one of the most unhappy people on the planet. When I would actually argue isn’t true in the least.

The theory of giving up any one of these 15 things is wonderful in nature and probably what the author’s intention is placing them out there for all of us to read. But the reality is we just can’t or I can’t. Now what I hate more about this article and those like it is that we need someone to tell us what to do to be happy. Really isn’t this a decision we sit down and make on our own?

My reality is I can’t just turn that switch off on these 15 things and then be the happy girl that the author seems to be proclaiming I will be if only I just did it. But that is me. I have to work and work hard to find this balance of who I am in the midst of  these sadness inducing flaws. I somehow have to be okay that what I am is enough and find my own happiness there.

I hardly think the author’s purpose was to tell us all the way to the yellow brick road of happiness (or maybe it was) and that it was meant to be more of a guide of what may be holding us back. But the fact that so many people are reading it tells me the author is obviously speaking to something that everyone wants to hear. But what is it? Why do we need to go to a blog to find some happiness and honestly end up leaving feeling less about ourselves because we do have these hang-ups?

I want and need to be the other side of that. You can be happy and still possess these personality flaws. In fact, most of them take years, maturity and maybe even rounds of therapy to get over. For most, it isn’t as simple as reading a blog and saying, “Yes, I need this to be happy. Done.” But for those that don’t have that ability, Just know you aren’t alone. I am not always happy but those moments that I am not happy make those moments that I am mean so much more.


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