Saturday Sharing…We are having a party.

This week has been nuts. Most of my posts were written on the same day and I sat down to write and pre-posted to post on specific dates and times. Today is no different. But I did write this last night as our preparations for the party were under way. We are celebrating my #1’s award and my parents birthdays. I love seeing my family but hate the prep for such get togethers. Thankfully, my family helps and brings foods in to help. As well, this is the craziest time with the end of the semester work. But I will survive. Especially with a little help from my #2 and her cleaning under the table.

Food Sharing….

Something I have been loving on lately is hummus. I love and adore hummus. I always forget I do though between the times I have it. Well the Tribe brand hummus underwent a change. They seemed to have changed their recipe and I am in love with it. It is so creamy and smooth and a healthy snack. They even have recipes on their site. I got mine at walmart. I haven’t seen it at Kroger.

365.153-Nom nom!

And it is time for PIN20) My butter cream frosting recipe which I have pinned from this site for you. I have made this so much I have it memorized. I absolutely love this recipe and it works so well. It is meant to be a treat and not overly healthy but every once in awhile it is quite yummy. These are the cupcakes all decorated up that we will be serving today!

365.154 Another nom nom!

TV Sharing…

I have fallen behind in my GCB shows and forgetting to set the DVR, so I have been relying on the ol’ full episodes link to catch me up!

And did any of you watch “Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23” this week? I did. Wanna know why? Cause of Dawson. Yes Dawson is on it playing James Vanderbeek. I love his character on this show. He is totally using his fame from the creek to get with chicks and it is hilarious! I suggest you watch it cause it is hilarious. I am not sure it has staying power but it makes you giggle.

And what is with ABC titling shows “Bitch” and “Bitches”. Hmmm, what would my grandparents say?

Blog Sharing…

Well I read blogs. I love blogs. Remember I love to blurf. Bloggy surf.

The Spohrs are Multiplying– This previous week was a sad week. The anniversary of Maddie’s passing was upon the Spohrs. I still cry every single post she has. My favorite though is this one. How can anyone not relate to this that has walked through the dark shadows of grief or any hardship for that matter. People too often place expiration dates on this stuff and truth is sorrow doesn’t expire. The stupid thing can wipe you out at a moments notice when you least expect it. What an amazing family. I have always read. I read more closely when Maddie passed and even more closely when they had their Annie came along a few months after my Banana Girl. My girls all love watching every Annie video.

And Jen at Ham Kin-has been a long time internet friend. Her oldest and my #2 born very close. We have known each other since my very first blog (called an online journal at the time). The cool thing about Jen and I is we met when our lives were just beginning to unfold and we just started making our dreams come true. Now here sit smack dab in the middle of them. She is an awesome read and a midwife. WOW, we have come so far!

A Patchwork Life-Jackie is just awesome! She has always been inspiring as a teacher/prof and I just love when I feel dried out and tapped out as a teacher I read her blog and she renews me. Plus our kiddos are similar in age except she did it times two. We even have friends in common. Although my prof, her friend, is still my prof and while we are friends it still funny because we are teacher/student. Does that make sense? It is so hard to believe how far I have come with these two women. Idolizing them and wanting to be like them. In a  year, I will decidedly have reached my dream of being a teacher or getting into a PhD program and these two women likely have no idea how they propelled that dream just by sharing bits and pieces of themselves with me.

Geeky Sharing…

And because I am thoroughly in the midst of a ginormous paper about Ren. Satire Literature. I am hanging out at places like this, this and this.


Wanna see what else I have pinned? Go here.

So these are the places I am hanging out this week. I am off to work some and get ready for this party.


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