Saturday Sharing….

I have no great title today other than it is a hodge podge of stuff. I talked with one of my favorite profs this week. Since I made the switch from 19th Century Victorian lit I have hardly seen him. But his faith in me and my ability was a nice adage and something I needed to  hear. Which is probably why on that day his office was open and I was walking by. I believe in that stuff people. Anyway we were talking geeky books and I was telling him about this great site where most of the time the books are free but you can read books. I thought to myself at the time that is a great Saturday Sharing link.

Free Reading Sharing…

So if you like to read check out this site. The concept is awesome and usually how I do my summer reading. The prof above has a summer reading club I participate in and usually instead of buying the book I read it this way. So what is this site you ask… You can choose to read them by RSS which I think may make them work via an ereader. But I have never tried it. I just get the email versions so you will have to check that out yourself.

Another great free site for books is Project Gutenberg. I know these can be transferred to ereaders. Still I haven’t done it. But I have used project G. This site focuses primarily on classic or canonized texts in my experience but maybe that is because that was what I was looking for.

And last but not least…Amazon has a great site for free titles and where and how to go about getting them…Amazon Free Book Collections. I know these books are at least Kindle ready as I did do a few last semester. But I am fairly certain the these sites are for everyone not just Amazon. So other ereaders are surely compatible.

And lastly, check out It is a social networking site for readers. Although I am hesitant to participate in another social network. I don’t do it like I do twitter and FB. But I do try and check in every once in awhile.

Birthday Buys Sharing…

Well my girls need technology. As in they need a computer, a tablet, or a laptop. My guy and I go back and forth all the time on what to actually get. I am fairly certain they are going to get a tablet each for their birthday. I just cannot decide if I want to go with the Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire. I know Kindle Fire has under gone much criticism for some unworked out bugs. They will merely use this for surfing, reading and as I put it to my guy “consumption versus. creation”. We have two computer currently that they rarely play on in favor of ipod touches. I don’t particularly feel like they are responsible enough for for an Ipad. My guy is getting an Ipad as a teacher next fall. As well, their school is throwing out personal access to either a laptop or Ipad. We are waiting to see what that will look like. But our idea this year is to purchase two tablets and that being their gifts. #1 is especially getting hard because she is very techie. #2 is always feeling left behind by #1 and getting her leftovers. So I am thinking we just take care of both in one swoop. And those of you wondering…no I won’t switch from my Kindle. I love it. If it is a tablet I won’t be reading on it. 🙂 Stubborn ol’ mule I am.

That leaves #3 and what she wants for her birthday. We really need a new swing set. Ours is 11 years old and had lots and lots of love. But I wonder if we should just squeeze out what little life it has left in it or just get another swing set and let #3 experience a new swing set. They all three still play on ours so it bodes well that purchasing a new one would last and still work for quite a while. But how much longer I don’t know? Or do we go for this? And look at what I found when looking at that stuff? How cool is that. Maybe I just stock us up on these and have fun with it.

Potato Soup Sharing…

PIN21) I apologize for no pictures of this yumminess. But there just wasn’t time. I pulled this from and it is Panera’s Potato Soup Recipe. I have made it before but I always toy with the recipe because that is what MR does. I boiled my potatoes in 2 cups of low sodium low msg chicken stock. Then I sweated out fewer onions than the recipe calls for because my family won’t eat them. Out of that I made a roux of flour and milk. I added that to the chicken stock and potatoes once they were soft. Then I added in 1 1/2 cups of milk (you can use whatever percentage you like). I let it boil and thicken and added in 1/4 of a bar of cream cheese (whatever fat percentage you like here) and let that melt into it. Squish up some of the potatoes to release their starch.  Then it is ready to serve. I always serve it like a loaded baked potato so we crumble bacon and some cheese on it. It is so good. Since I struggle with lactose sometimes I follow this recipe to a T. But for my family I do it the milk way.


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