MommyJargon’s Incredible News!

As I started this post, I had my 3 year old on my lap.

I told him, “I have to type now.  What should I write about?”

He was very helpful, “Horses.”  

“I don’t know anything about horses.”

“Not even how to ride a horse?”


“Write about snowmen.”

“It is spring. No one wants to think about snow.”

“Me.  Write about me.”

“Should I write that you say adorable things and that you are totally cute?”

“Yep, that should cover it.  I will go play until you are done.”

So off he went to play while I began to think about what I wrote last week, the slug post, and what has happened in my days since.  And that is what I found that was so “Incredible”-I could think of nothing exciting at all!  I even began to beat myself up a little, remembering how I had taken a nap on Saturday afternoon instead of doing something productive.  

Then I had a change of heart.  Why was I being so hard on myself?  Why do I think that I need to be doing great and incredible works at all times?  MommyRhetoric and I were recently talking about people who “toot their own horn” so to speak.  MR and I decided we just weren’t these kinds of “tooters”.  In fact, we fall into a group that I am going to call “the hornless”.  We don’t even think we own horns to toot.  We can toot about our kids or others, but we shy away from ourselves.  Instead we find ways to beat ourselves up and lay on layer after layer of “Mommy Guilt”.   

Well I am going to jump out of my comfort zone and try to toot a little.  Here are a few of the things that I did do in the last week (and I have to say are not slug-ish at all):

  • I was in a 5k race on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t first and I wasn’t last, but it was for a great cause and heck, who cares if I needed a nap that afternoon!
  •  I made cinnamon french toast for supper Sunday night and that was delicious.  I have also been trying out some recipes from the One Pot Cookbook from Weight Watchers that I checked out from the library. (They were not as popular as my french toast, but that was no surprise!)  
  • I finished reading a book.  
  • I spent a lot time loving on my sweet babies who say adorable things and are too cute for words.
  • I did an “Incredible” amount of laundry.  
  • I worked on PTO things and volunteered at my kiddo’s school.
  • Most importantly, I have spent time with my family and friends this past week.

So I, MommyJargon, need a serious kick in the rear if I do not think that I have had an “Incredible” week since the slug post!

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