Saturday Sharing…Momma Has a 5K

So I am up this morning working on some homework/papers to distract me from the 5K I am running today. I am super stoked to be doing it. It has been over a year since my last one. But running is a strong word, I will likely be walking. My goal for these things is always not to be last. That is all I really care about. Today’s run is in honor of this organization raising money for them. The last time I did it my #1 did with me. Today I didn’t really give her that option because she has softball practice. When she realizes we shall see what she thinks because she loved it. Anyway….MommyJargon and I are hitting the trail quite freezing I am sure because it is supposed to be freakishly cold today. Wish us luck!

Big Brother Sharing…

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Big Brother fan and even more so an even bigger Jeff and Jordan fan. Well guess what folks…they are taking their relationship to the next level. They are moving to LA to move in together. Jordan wants a regular job, Jeff wants to be a reality start or host of some sort. Does he possibly have a job already? Or is he using his good looks to fight evil? Whatever he does or they do, I will be always be a fan. Even though haters are trying to get them, they really do care.

New TV watching and sharing…

Well I sat out to watch one of the latest dramas, Scandal on ABC, and it is okay. I know when it makes the DVR rung in the first few episodes it must not have tickled my fancy quite enough.

But you know what shows I kind of really like? This one and this one. The first one I guess is my pulling for a star from my teenagedom. Remember Party of Five? Another that I was the biggest fan of and Ghost Whisperer didn’t do much for me. Although shamefully I always watched. I also shamefully admit I have never watched Mad Men until this season. Although I spent the better part of the month before it started back up catching up via On Demand. I love this show for all that is wrong in it. It is fun and sexy and just WOW!

Vague Sharing but I gotta dress up…

You will notice around here this week that something is happening, but I am gonna remain on the down low about it. I promise to share more later and I am not trying to intentionally be vague. Well yes I am. But soon my readers, soon. I will share because I have some exciting stuff happening here and most of all it has to remain on the down low, not because I don’t want to share but because I am required to do so. So that has me dressy clothes shopping: I love this dress, And this one, the simplicity of this one, alongside the craziness of this one. But I love this look but what about this look? Oh, I am so not a girly girl. I should have just picked one of those random ‘whole outfits‘ from pinterest and bought the whole damn thing.

50 Shades Sharing…

Well I finished the first in the trilogy.  Yes, I know it took awhile but I am graduate student and teacher and mother and so on. But I have to say I quite liked it. What I didn’t quite like was the criticisms that women are getting for reading it or the shocking aspects that women are enjoying it and people are scrambling like it is a bad thing. It is NOT a bad thing if it is flying off shelves, helping relationships and provoking reading, thought and action. Maybe some of the sting was taken out of that this week by Dr. Oz? He had a whole show dedicated to this trilogy. It was filled with experts in every field: psychology, gynecology and I can’t remember the last field. But basically, all these women are telling women IT IS OKAY to read this book and enjoy it.

I kind of don’t know if I will move on in the series right now. Not because I hated it but because I share my kindle with the my children and it became hard at times to keep their prying eyes away. As well, I have a reading list a mile long for this summer. We will see how it pans out.

All I can say about this book is while parts of it were shocking and maybe crossed the line further than I would in aspects. I did enjoy it and that is all I will say.

Portfolio Grading Sharing…

I have tinkered every semester with grading with portfolio which in my classroom means the whole equals the sums of its parts. Meaning my students have multiple chances to work on drafts, work with me on those drafts, get feedback both from peers and myself. As well, I offer incentives along the way to do such. Some I know don’t believe in extra credit but in my little experience I have found offering extra credit provides a greater opportunity for learning. At the end I am always pleased with the results, as are my students and they learn. It works similarly to a job, you get what you earn.

This semester my students portfolio’s look so professional and just great. I am super pleased with the results and the work they did. I have always toyed with varying ways to do portfolios. Digital Portfolios are what I prefer but my students and campus aren’t there yet. This translates into I always have 3-4 students that lack the social income to have immediate access to the internet. And while our campus is fully wired, I hate placing that burden on them because they are often families with full time jobs and I know that importance of being home. I have had semesters where I offered both options and I found it cumbersome for me to work.

This semester my approach was full on paper with only the work they deemed worthy of a portfolio which basically says to me it went through peer review, instructor review and possibly writing center review (which would qualify as a variance of peer review). As well, they have a reflection paper due with it where they review what this portfolio means and how it represents them and their work in my class. I am just super pleased and finally think this semester I can think: I am a teacher, I know what I am doing and I am confident in it. I don’t have spend every moment contemplating changing, proving to myself and others I do know what I am doing and my students know it. I am not sure if my arrival there took me awhile or if it just happened as it should.

Teaching On the Brain and Sharing…

And as all of you know, I had teaching on the brain this week. Remember? “Help In the Most Unlikely Places” & “I am a teacher: Just Write!” The second one has now turned into my most popular post. I am not sure why but this week my blog has taken a large jump in views for some reason and I am so grateful because apparently I am saying some that you guys can relate too when it comes to education and pedagogy. Check out my teaching archives for more: Education and Pedagogy which after hyperlinking you to both I should really just put in one category. But alas, another project for another day.


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