MommyJargon is Making Monsters

Last week I mentioned that I had participated in a 5K for the benefit Bring Pierre Home and this weekend I began making some MONSTERS to sell at an auction and craft show for Pierre that is going to be held on May 19th here.

For a couple of months I have been studying the monsters from the movies like Monsters, Inc. when Youngest watches them.  I also have been  searching the internet for images to use as inspiration.  Here is my Pinterest board of my favorite monsters.

On Saturday night, even though it was my husband’s birthday, I found myself with nothing going on and finally had enough time to start the project.  I made all my patterns so that the arms, legs, or other extremities could be mixed and matched with the the main body pieces.  Then I dug into my fleece fabrics that I have been collecting from clearance bins and began cutting out the pieces.  By the end of the night I had 12 entire monsters cut out and one face sewn on.

Everything went smoothly, but I am worried that I did not really allow myself much time to get that many completed before the 19th.  The faces will be hand stitched on and that is the most time consuming thing so far.  Although I have yet to fully complete one yet, I think the stuffing and machine sewing will go quickly.  I can always enlist my 3 kiddos to help stuff them!

Oldest is so excited about them that she is now begging me to teach her to sew so she can help me make them!  Usually it is me begging her to do craft projects with me.  My other kiddos have gone a little crazy over these guys too and they are all desperately trying to figure out how they can coax one out of me without having to buy it at the craft show.  I foresee some chores getting done!



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