10000 is a huge freaking number….

My big announcement you may ask is what? Is it that I am almost done with my freaking novel of a paper for my class? Nope. Is it that I am pregnant? Double nope and in fact, impossible. Is it that I am quitting every thing in my life and moving to a rain forest and never working again in this world? Nope and nope!

Today I hit 10,000 views  since January! How awesome is that? I am super proud of that despite maybe making you feel abandoned here in the last few days courtesy the paper above…it is sucking my creative writing life out of me! We did this together you know because with out an audience I would give up and just write a regular pen and paper journal. But that just isn’t me.

But CRAP 10,000 views is amazing. Last year when I sat out to make the goal of a successful blog I had to determine what it was in my terms. I didn’t want to go around signing all these blogs I could give two hoots about just to get hit up by their hitters. That is how the blogosphere works usually. I didn’t want to do a product review of some anonymous thing nor did I want oddly placed ads. I wanted to have readers who come here cause they wanted to.

What has brought most of my readers here outside of my social networks is OCD. I am ever grateful for that community and I hope and pray everyday I show you that can you live life with OCD. I promise to continue trying to share what living with OCD is like. It isn’t always hell. Sometimes it is kind of fun!

Thanks for reading my faithful readers, now please come out of the woodwork. Some of you I know, but some of you I see you checking in regularly but no comments. Say hello!



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