365 MAKE UP!

I owe you guys….My camera admittedly was put down for the end of the semester except for my two excursions this week that just happened to be at the same place plus the one time I just had to snap #3. I am happily sharing 365.166-172 which are the best of the best from my two trips to the Zoo this week. The first with my mommy cohort MommyJargon (hey I have a work cohort now I have a mommy one so what it is my bf Mommy Jargon) and the second the trek I made to take the girls who were uber jealous they didn’t get to go on first one.

365.166-#3 got a new “I got potty” book with these amazing stickers. The stickers I later found her placing on the bottom of her shoe. I asked, “#3 what are you doing with your potty stickers? Those are for when you potty.” She replies, “No they not. They pretty on my shoes.” Those who know how potty training has gone with her will get a chuckle outta this.

365.167-This is MommyJargon’s #3-Baby Z around these parts….I asked him to smile at the entrance to the zoo. This is what I got. And it makes me smile because I can see the happiness in his eyes. What a cutie!

365.168-#3 is loving the zebra’s off in the distance

365.169-#3 realizing she could see her reflection on the carousel mirror

365.170-The fun and “bumpy” log ride with baby Z and Baby A. MommyJargon and I had to hold on!

365.171-Our second trip this week with # 2 looking purdy. She always gives me the best poses.

And last but not least… 365.172-#3 trying to clap and make an echo in the tunnel of the log ride.


Outakes…As in didn’t make it to 365 but still just as good.

This is the one of #3 is telling me what she thinks about me having my camera out AGAIN!

And in this one I am quite sure that someone is schooling the other on what they think. Don’t you?

Their mosquito netting for their African Village cot

And this is when #3 had the worst attitude ever. Her favorite animal. Her favorite thing she had been waiting for and we arched our back, pushed on the post to play an aggravating game of freeze and said, “No, I not want to see the giraffes.”

And I adore this one…see that little hand there holding onto her so she doesn’t fall? I didn’t either until I put it on the computer. How sweet!

Not sure why this is so washed out but it is good none the less

They are a bunch of goofs!

Oh wait, no they aren’t. But yet they are. And can you tell how happy #1 is to be doing this?

This is #3 begging #1 to please get in the tent with her. #1 couldn’t fit in the tent if she wanted too.

The End.


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