MommyRhetoric Goes Green

For the first time since I was pregnant my yard got some TLC. Sadly, I would love to say it was a high priority but it just wasn’t. We did what we had to do to try and make sure it was not “unsightly” but with my guy coaching golf and me chasing my kiddos and the end of the semester every year at planting time I just did not have time. If it didn’t grow by itself and or wasn’t maintenance free it didn’t survive.

Well time is better now so all weekend (minus our Zoo trip) we spent working on the yard. We edged, trimmed, gardened and planted flower. It felt good but boy howdy was it a lot of work. When you let edging go for a few years well….let’s just say it took more muscle than I had. But anyway I took pictures to prove it. And while they aren’t so exciting. The pictures of  my ladies are adorable because it was a team effort. Everyone had their fun jobs!

365.173-#3 Already yelling at me for having the camera out

Every year we have a color theme so this year I picked the three favorite colors of the girls (yellow, pink and blue) and bought about 5-6 plants for each pot and let them at them

Even #3

Who ended up needing some help from #2, she took it is stride and threw dirt at  her

One of their end pieces

And #1 she didn’t get out of the work and did quite a bit of the physical labor

Her end piece

And my one and only project…a new herb garden. I am not fond of a lot of herbs but I am of the ones I planted. The three lonely herbs

Pin 22) Now it has been a while. But this is one that has been on the brain awhile. Growing celery from the celery you buy in the store. As soon as I saw in back in February I planned to do it. Not because I love celery. In fact, I am not a fan at all but my chicks, they are. And it adds nice flavor to most soups. Anyway I put my girls into action yesterday while planting.

This is #2 cutting after twenty minutes of her trying to explain to me left handers cut differently. DUH!

The original pin suggests soaking overnight I believe. We went for all day.

And in they went…just leaving top out a little

And now we wait. I will update if this pin is a success or failure. The only thing I am out is the 1.50 for each bunch. We shall see.


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