Yep, MommyJargon too!

When Mommy Rhetoric first told me she had OCD, I think that she was afraid that I would think she was crazy or weird or just think differently about her.  I didn’t.

I worked as a nurse for 10 years and in those years have taken care of a lot of people.  And of course I have met a lot of people through other means in life too.   By getting to know these people I have come to the conclusion that if you really wanted to, you could diagnose every single one of them with OCD.   Every one has something that they obsess over or are compulsive about.  Every. single. person.

One of my worst obsessions is that I think of all the ways that my family members, especially my kiddos, could get hurt, get in accidents, or get kidnapped.  Especially car accidents.   Sadly, one of my worst obsessions happened a week ago to a family, that I actually know, with four little kiddos.  They were driving home last Sunday night and were hit by a drunk driver.  All four children suffered injuries, the 3 year old didn’t make it.

You might think I am tempting fate by thinking of these things.  Not me though.  In my head I have to think of all scenarios that could happen so that I won’t go berserk if it really does happens.   That’s what I think I would really do, just totally lose it.  Like straight jacket living in an institution kind of lose it.

Some days are worse than others, and certain situations make it much, much worse.  Routine days are always the best for me though, and luckily, I have a lot of those!  As far as OCD goes, I usually only have trouble with the obsessive part.  I always think to myself, “At least no one can see what I think about!”  Only a few people who know me well can figure out my compulsive behaviors.

I will stand by what I said earlier though, that I believe every one has a little OCD in them.  Join our club, let us know what your O’s and C’s are!


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