It was a FAT day around here…

Our schedule has been so crazy lately. I have lost four pounds in a week which is not healthy. I didn’t do it the right way and I know that. But you know why I lost it. Because I have been living on ranch sunflower seeds and unsweetened ice tea. I throw in a banana on occasion. I have been fixing dinner for my girls but it is never appealing to me or I don’t even have time to sit down and eat. Usually lunch meat, leftovers or cereal (this is how we survive in the spring).

Yes, it has been that crazy. I have been running around like a mad woman with sports, activities, my own craziness, teacher appreciation and the list could go on and on. I stepped on the scale yesterday and actually thought it was broke. I made my guy come and look at it. Nope not broke, huge loss and while I am grateful I know all it will take is me to eat a meal and well bounce back up.

So yesterday thankfully I had a few willing taxi drivers that did the one child running I had to take care of. That meant I could fix a real meal. So I did it up good, hearty and fattening. First off for their after school treat I made them “safe” cookie dough. This is their absolute favorite snack. I always buy it test it to make sure I don’t get sick and then they have it. Well pinterest had an awesome recipe without eggs. I made it and surprised them with it after school.

PIN23) I pulled from here. I just left it in the bowl and didn’t do the chocolate drizzle or roll them into a ball. My girls were in love. They keep getting spoons and sneaking into it. You know how I could tell. I went to get spoons out for breakfast and they were all in dishwasher. This one was awesome. Make it!

PIN24) And fried chicken….I rarely make it (mostly because I stink at making it) but this recipe looked so yummy and comforting and I felt like my family needed a comfort meal that I spent actual time on. And it was pretty easy to make. I totally made the gravy to go over it and the mashed potatoes but then guilt got the best of me. Thankfully, because when I went to wash the pan it solidified and made me feel gross. Anyway, the girls loved the chicken, I loved the chicken, the guy loved the chicken. And you can totally play with seasoning in it. YUM!


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