My mini me.

How the heck do you spell miny? Or is it minnie? Or is it even an a word? It looks wrong however I type that. So it will be a touch of all.

365.183-Baby girl #1 and my absolute look-alike. Though my mother swears she doesn’t. She always says she looks like me now, but not when I was little. Regardless, I hear it all the time I can’t deny her. Which is good since the other two favor my guy.

Yesterday, my #1 had a “Pow Wow” to commemorate the end of the learning of Indiana History in 4th grade. There is always a big build up to this in this grade in our district. We parents get to witness the first stabs at research, creativity and understanding diversity. What I got to witness was magical. I saw my girl put her own two fingers, brain power and initiative to work. She never complained, took her time, and at the end stood behind everything she did. I  let her do it. Let her be the one to create. It was amazing academic experience to watch and I left really proud. She got a 100% across the board.

(Will post pictures later of the rest of the pow wow on my flickr account)


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