What is so juicy about Lucy?

The pins are happening, slow and steady. We are a quarter of the way through my goal that I originated in March I believe.

Sausage rolls are popular thing in my local area. I have been a Hoosier all my life (minus the two years I lived in Cincy) and I have never heard of a sausage roll until I moved here in Northeastern Indiana. And up  here everyone has a recipe for one and they are often served at restaurants. To me they are merely a calzone with a different shape. But slowly I have acclimated to the dish and have prepared it for my family on numerous occasions.

This past week was nutty busy though so I had to adapt it to a way I could cook while still getting everyone where they needed to go. So in walks the 2nd love of my life. My crock pot. I concocted a plan to slow cook my pizza sauce for the inside of the roll. But I needed a good hearty recipe that could stand up to such. PIN25) did that.

First off brown your sausage meat. For this, I have a little tip trick. My girls are funny about all the spices a regular sausage (like Bob Evans). As am I. I don’t like sage and most have it in it. So I buy plain breakfast sausage links and squeeze them out of their casing. And while that may sound like a job it isn’t and I always have coupons for this type versus the other. So I can control what spices I use and I get  a deal. I usually just add salt and pepper to taste.

Then get your crock pot out and warming up. I added one can (15oz.) of tomato sauce.

Then you add spices/herbs to your sauce. I didn’t really stick totally to the pin but used it as a base. I am horrible about certain herbs so I mostly used a basic Italian seasoning (I rub it into my hand to release the flavor and to better mask it with my picky family), minced garlic to flavor, some red pepper to flavor and then some onion powder. An onion would work here as well since you are slow cooking it would have time to break down. I went lazy though!

Then add the browned sausage meat, turn the heat on low for 4-6 hours and you have pizza sauce waiting on you when you need it.

Then I totally cheat and use pillsbury for my breads when it comes to this stuff. I usually prefer pizza bread from them, but my girls love the taste and texture of cresent rolls so I smooshed the seam and added my sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Then seal that bad boy up and bake per instructions on can. For us, it took a tad longer than the can but by 2-3 mins.

And I have no finishing picture because the troops were hungry. At this point we were way past usual dinner time and I was riding solo (my guy had a golf match). But they were good and the sauce recipe was awesome!


Now PIN26) was my favorite by far in a long time. It was a jucy lucy. However, my understanding is that the misspelling is purposeful.  My inspiration is not all that different from the bloggers and it originated from Adam on Man vs. Food on the travel channel. My guy loves burgers. So much so he has burned us all out on burgers his way. For the last year or so we have been breaking it to him gently that we needed a new recipe and his was not cutting the mustard. So when I watched Man vs. Food Saturday and #2 asked for a cook out for dinner I knew right away what I was going to try and make. Jucy Lucy.

For this recipe I really only borrowed the idea. Refer to picky eaters with seasoning above. And I opened a 2lb package of hamburger from our local butcher. We seasoned it with Paula Deen’s house seasoning (I have talked about this before earlier in the blog and I am way too lazy to seek out the recipe again). Add 2 tbsps of water. I think this is a big part of the trickiness of the burger to make it so juicy.

Then I had # 2 square off some American cheese slices to get ready once I had the patties ready to go. You have to make two very similarly thin patties and then slap the stack of cheese between them and seal. HINT: The better you seal the juicier your burger. Then grill, fry, bake or whatever it is you do to cook your burger. For us, we rode the electric skillet because I don’t even know how to grill and my guy had yet another golf match so I was riding solo again.

Then you top however you like your burgers topped. These turned out so wonderful on the ones I got the seal right. When the seal was right they looked like below. When it wasn’t it turned into a browned cheesy mess. They were good but turned into just a regular burger and well weren’t jucy lucies.

Both recipes passed my kiddos and me which is no small feat. So make them. They were so yummy!


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