Just Write: He’s got what I need.

You see that guy there to our left? Well he stole my heart. But it is so much more than that. He gave me something that I haven’t had much of.

On May 22 @ 4:30 in the afternoon we said to one another, “Today I marry, my best friend. The one I laugh with, live for and love. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health…” Those words we quietly spoke time and time again through the years. Sometimes as a smacking reminder of why we do this and other times because the moment felt right to do so.

That night we went to bed and reveled in the delight of saying “my wife” or “my husband” repeating it as if we were just titled the most highest honor. The next morning we woke up and had no idea it was the beginning of this new life together that would forever raise the bar so much higher when it came to love.

I will never ever forget that moment in the elevator when he held me close and said, “This is forever.” He meant every single word of it and has spent our lifetime together thus far proving it. It was small in syllables but big in meaning. Even when life disappoints he has always stood by my side. And I know I don’t always make that easy.

When we got married we were both were stupid drunk in love and maybe it would have lasted and maybe not  but through the years it changed to a real and abiding love. A love that created strong fatherly hands,  and manly hands that are tender when they need to be.

And the laughter he gives me is that deep gut jiggling laughter. And yes he proudly handed me his anniversary card last night. The one he has gotten for me every year for the last three from CVS. His reasoning, “Well it must capture how I really feel.” But I laugh because it happened because that is him. His imperfections are perfection to me.

Sometimes I feel so lucky to even have him. Probably more so than he knows. Yes he can be a pain in my ass but after all this time I love him even more than seems possible. And if he knew I was even writing publicly like this about him he would not be happy. His few words usually drown in my many which is probably why we are a good match.

That picture above is my absolute favorite of him because it embodies every thing he is to me. In that moment we met, a beer in hand a smile, short stubbly hair and eyes for me. He still looks at me like that.

And that is the best part, I never knew me until I met him. I know who I thought I was destined to be and he showed me I can be so much more. Yesterday was proof of that if ever there was one (more on that soon).

I am forever grateful to him, for him and because of him. Around here he carries many names: Daddy, poppy, babe, honey, butthead on occasion. But none more important than my husband.

A few weeks ago I heard this song and immediately all I could think about was him.

Josh Radin, “You got what I need.”


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