I have a middle schooler.

I am in complete denial but yesterday my #1 graduated from Elementary. She went out with a bang too with a few awards. The two that made me the proudest. She made the straight A honor roll and the icing on the cake, An attendance award. Yes folks, any of you that know her know that this is stinking huge!

Baby girl #1 was labeled as chronically ill back in 2nd grade and we began the journey to figure out why. In kindy she missed 47 days (she had surgery that year). In 1st grade she missed 21. In 2nd 18. In 3rd 11 and now in 4th 4 days. WOW! That is huge for her. When she came home and told me we high fived in shock because we never believed that would happen.

365.186-Many thanks to her allergy/asthma doctor for giving her a normal life.

This is Mommy Jargon’s L and my #1 they both got the same award for their grade level. It was so cute and made me cry just a smidge! I was so proud of both of them and their hard work.


365.187-To keep up with my day count I have one more. #3 went swimming one day. The coldness scared the crap outta her. I thought getting a different pool float would help. Well it hasn’t. So now the boat is an inside toy.



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