MommyJargon and Her Boys

Boys are weird.

I could end this post there and call it good, but I will tell you a little more about my boys.  I am also going to include a little disclaimer here- I know some girls will have the same weird traits as my boys, I also know that not all boys are the same.  I am not generalizing I am just making statements about my life with boys.  So if you have wonderful boys in your house that do nothing weird or annoying, please don’t feel the need to brag about it :)

I have three boys that live with me, my husband, and my two two sons ages 8 and almost 4.

I will start with husband, I can’t go into too much detail here, but here are a few highlights of living with my husband.  He seems to sweat all the time, is always covered with a nice cool “slime” of sweat.  He likes to hug people when he is in this condition.  He also has the fabulous habit of leaving his snotty kleenex laying on surfaces around the house- I can actually see one right now as I am typing.  He truly has a gift of annoying the crap out of me by almost always doing the opposite of what I suggest or by waiting a little while then suggesting the same thing I did, but claiming he never heard me say it.

Ok, on to the littler weird boys.  They are strange little creatures who forget there are things available to them like words, for example.  They prefer to communicate with noises and physical contact like punching.  They also forget about manners, laundry baskets, and soap.

I know there are many girls who don’t pick up after themselves, but all three of my boys have this problem.  They are constantly loosing shoes, socks , sports equipment, school things, and important little papers with strange words and numbers on them (my husband’s).  We also have to be on constant guard walking through our house, it is literally a Lego mine field!

Despite all these nerve-grating habits that they not only possess, they seem to proud of them, they are mostly weird because deep down they are harder to figure out than girls!  Girls are known to be complex, difficult creatures, but at least they make sense and have reasons for their complexities.  My boys do not.  When they are moody no one knows why, they don’t even know why and they deny being in a mood anyway.  They feel emotions, but hide them and act like the feelings don’t exist, except anger.  They let that one fly as they beat up on their siblings.

They best thing about my little weird boys is that they are the best snuggle-ers and always have lots of huhgs and kisses for their Momma!


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