Saturday Sharing…All over the place.

Sorry for the missing Mommy Rhetoric from my blog. My girlies got out of school on Tuesday and I feel like it has been non-stop since. Finding time to sit down and even say hello seemed tough. Plus we are at the tail end of golf season which means lots of longer tournaments and Momma flying solo. But we are managing.


#2 Sharing…

I joined a support group a few weeks ago more for informational and resources for the issues we have with # 2 and already this group has provided more information than I can possibly process and it let’s me not feel nearly as alone as we can sometimes feel in dealing with her. At this meeting we discussed the habit of these guys running away. I was grateful I hadn’t encountered that and thought, “Ha, better you than me.”

Till Tuesday night when she ran away. In front of our whole neighborhood with all the eyes watching us she decided we were the worst parents ever and that she wanted nothing to do with us, our home or her sisters and verbally told everyone in our small town what she thought. I imagine some neighbors were thinking, “Why don’t you spank her?” And others were probably waiting to see if we would.

And while I attempt to tell the story in a few sentences it hardly covers the 2 hour ordeal. It was horribly embarrassing and just frustrating. When we are in the midst of these meltdowns I always get this laugh cry. I am literally crying while laughing. Partially because I cannot believe I am even encountering such meltdowns and partially because they are hilarious if you look at the bigger picture.

The funny part of this story is just two hours before this I talked to the groups leader who just called to offer support and friendship if it was needed. I proclaimed we are in such a good spot. Man I should have known better because our schedule has drastically changed. From in school to out of school and while most embrace such transitions for her they are hard.  I didn’t have the heart to call her back and say, “Nevermind.” So I imagine I will contact her after the holiday and say, “Okay, here we go again.”

In the meantime, I have been searching out ways to help her deal with some of the struggles she has with transitions. I love the idea of a Calm Kit, anxiety cards, anger map and we hope to practice some of our own versions of music therapy.


Domain Sharing…

Mommy Rhetoric has an official “new” home

I bought my domain name so you should now be reading,, and should never have to search again for “mommyrhetoric” + “wordpress” again. Nothing should change on your end because I purchased it through wordpress so even if you book marked the old you will be redirected to the new. Basically, I just made myself an official blogger. 🙂


Photo copyrighted and taken by Dave PorteusNews Article Sharing…

I am intrigued by the mysterious. So this article yesterday caught my attention. 50 years on, fire still burns underneath Pa. town. Now tell me that would not catch your attention? So I, of course, googled it. When I found just how much literary work has been inspired on this tiny town alone I was shocked and intrigued. Go ahead and read for yourself…Centrailia, PA.

*Photo pulled from site above and more from this photographer can be seen @ The Egg on deviantART.


Clean Eating Sharing…

So I have this friend that I have watched have an amazing transformation. She had been on the exercise bandwagon for many years like myself and just kind of felt stale. Not all that different from myself. About half a year ago she decided to start clean eating. It has always intrigued me. I am not sure I can/could do it. But I am amazed at how much her body has changed and her outlook and life just from this change. It certainly bodes well for the “diet” although she doesn’t call it that.

Anyway I started searching out blogs that talk about it so I could see what it even entails totally and if anyone besides her had tried it with a family. I found some neat ones.

Baby Girl Bloggers Sharing…

In my search for clean eaters who maybe could be like me I came across the neatest blog of a 9 year old. She is a food blogger that blogs her school lunches and got the attention of Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef for those of you that may remember) Baby girl has over 1 million views. That is nuts and amazing all at once.

This comes at a funny time because my baby girls both have started a blog. Although they did it without my permission because they were so excited they couldn’t wait. I am in the process of trying to attach their blogs to mine. They love watching my stats and how people get here and that inspired them to share write their own. We shall see how this adventure goes. #1 she will do it for a bit. # 2 she will be great. We are kindred spirits that way. I also could see it providing some therapy the way it has for me.  I will share once I get them attached. I don’t want it public without my protection.

Alrighty, ya’ll. Mommy Rhetoric is off to take baby girls swimming and baby girl’s friend. It is a hot one out there!


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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