We want a pitcher….Not a belly itcher.

Yes this was a lame cheer when I was playing softball. I was a pitcher and not a belly itcher and when ever a team would sing it you better believe I shot some nasty looks. I took my pitching extremely serious.

Baby girl # 1 has kind of housed a pitching dream since she walked onto a softball diamond. Her first year she got to pitch and then the second she moved up a league and her coach kind of never really took her serious. I told her, “Just keep practicing” and we did.

Now three years later she is getting her chance again. On her travel team she kind of made the pitching line up but she lacks the strength of some of the other pitchers so she was pretty far down the line up of pitchers. She has amazing accuracy but her speed is mediocre. But I was a slow pitcher. I actually got in trouble for fast pitches. So, I am no help. I try and help as best I can.

Anyway, she really could have an opportunity on her regular in town softball team so we have tried to work on her speed. We watched video after video of various softball greats on how to pitch and will likely spend the better part of the weekend working on those pitches. She is gaining speed and her form is looking way more fast pitch like.

I am just so proud to see her dedicated to trying it and doing the best she can to educate herself how to do it better. And I won’t lie I love just seeing her enjoying softball so much. I will go down in my grave saying softball kept me on the straight and narrow because I was so serious about it. And it is funny now because as she is playing I am still uber serious. I even made a joke at her practice game the other day that I forgot I had other kiddos. Thank goodness my guy knows this and makes up for what mothering skills I seem to lack during a softball game. I don’t lack them perse, I just channel them all at # 1 during a game.

She has tons of potential and I see it bubbling and brewing and I am eager to see what she does with it. I help with what I can but truly fast pitch softball and slow pitch are very different.


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