Finding a way to cool off…

So our pool this year has apparently turned into a toilet and every day we wake up to find multiple instances of bird poop in it. And well my OCD has something pretty vivid to say about that. We followed CDC guidelines for treating a bird poopied pool and I still can’t get over it. So I am guessing we will end up draining it and starting new. I just cannot figure out why in the heck they want to poop in there. EWWW! Anyone have problems with this? Let me know!

We went to family’s house yesterday to help ease the heat and then we got home girls were still hot so we popped out the 1980’s sprinkler. They loved it.

365.191- Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
— Russel Baker


2 thoughts on “Finding a way to cool off…

  1. My mom ties shiny ribbons to her porch swing to prevent birds from pooping. I think they don’t like the shininess. I don’t know if there is a way to tie some around your pool (like on tiki torches or some other way that they fly above the pool) It might help, and if you are completely confused, call me and I will explain, lol!

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