Dance and Dark Eyes.

365.195-I guess Momma forgot to take a photo on Friday…for shame, for shame! But I did remember Saturday. I just had to bring it along for the dance run. A run I have been making for 8 years now. This past Saturday was Dance Recital Practice as we get ready to wrap up another year of dance. This year it is just #1 dancing and she is doing lyrical. So basically, this scene is one my guy or I (or sometimes Mommy Jargon and I take turns) have seen once sometimes twice a week for the last 8 years. Not a complaint, just an amazement at the accomplishment and the fact that we are probably just getting started still with three baby girls!

365.196-Sometimes you hear me talk about Redlipstick Queen. She is a fellow teacher and just an amazing girl. I say girl cause she is 10 years younger than me. She decided she wanted to have me snap some photos of her for her mom’s birthday and I had been bugging her to get in front of the camera for awhile now. You see she has these massively stupid horrible health issues that no 24 year old should have to even think about and it messes with her head and what she thinks others see. I will let you see for yourself.

Oh wait, that was the funny one! We were snapping away dangerously close to the IPFW Alumni Fountain. Guess who got drenched! She did. Here is the one I really meant to put up.

I don’t think she sees what we see.


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