She is my miracle!

Most of my pregnancies were normal. Of course, after my miscarriage the threat of miscarriage was a possibility but they were general risks and things were good. I decided with the last one that I wanted little doctor intervention and a relaxed and enjoyed pregnancy. I opted to deliver with my family doctor because I had done that with #1 when we lived in Indianapolis and it was nice. For me my experience with an OB was what I needed with #2 because I had just had the miscarriage and I wanted the attention that an OB tends to give.

But I knew #3 was my last and I wanted to enjoy the moment because honestly I loved being pregnant and always trusted my body would do what it needed to do. Then at 13 weeks we did the first round of serious blood tests and I got a call from the nurse telling me I had tested positive for a strange anti-body that they knew nothing about. She gave me the name but warned she had little info about it and that I would have to work with a high risk doctor for the rest of my pregnancy.

I begin having routine blood tests for this disorder. And the anti-body anti-jkb usually came back with a titer level under 100. The prime spot to be for a pregnancy. But my high risk doc explained it as a blood disorder where my positive blood mixed with the negative blood of one of my children (likely #2) who was negative or my guy’s who is negative and the current pregnancy’s blood mixed with mine. It runs similar to the RH-factor you will hear in pregnancies but this was the opposite and it is extremely rare so unlike the RH factor there was no shot to avoid sensitization and I became sensitized at some point during or after my pregnancy with # 2. So my blood essentially is now A+ and -.

What that meant for #3 is that she would likely be born with hemolytic jaundice and would/could need a transfusion once born or possibly in utero depending on my titer levels. But after two rounds of titer levels and them remaining low to non-existent we began to be able to breath. My doc began feeling more comfortable caring for me and allowing me to deliver locally. In the end, when I delivered it was with the mobile NICU in Fort Wayne alerted if it was needed. But she came out and was just fine and truthfully had the least jaundice of all my baby girls which was likely the only side effect they expected her to face at that point because of my levels.

Now for the rest of my life I will have weird + and – blood and it was strongly advised I never get pregnant again because my luck will likely have ran out. Especially when I read the stories of women who had similar antibody issues to my own. They had to have inter-uterine blood transfusions, early deliveries and many fetal deaths. It wasn’t a hard decision anyway because she was the icing on our baby girl cake. We know she was meant to be the last because she was impossible to top it doesn’t get any better than what we got.

She is our miracle and we know that!

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