Saturday Sharing…Give me a break!

Today I am all kinds of irritated. Not mad irritated. Just irritated. So this will be a SS where I call it all out!

Irritated Sharing #1…

Firstly, my guy’s golf team did the best they have ever done during their golf season yesterday and the paper has written on them twice this week. Both times wrong! The first article was pulled from online and was all kinds of wrong. I am told the paper version was similar and all kinds of wrong. So then today we wake up to their 5th place in regionals with one individual making it through and the paper has posted an article they wrote three years ago about their team. Here is the correct info.

It is absolutely ridiculous and piss poor reporting. I live in a small town and it would not be all that hard for the sports writer to make an effort here to at least get names right. I am not even a journalism study and I know the rules of journalism. Accuracy is in that list! Not to mention anytime you are a journalist you are basically making a contract with the public and in that contract they expect you to do your job!

Irritated Sharing #2…

This post is next on my most irritating list. Which I weirdly found via pinterest. I will sum it up. It is a post about why the poster will not read Fifty Shades of Grey. I have posted about that a few times here and here. And it runs right along religious groups banishing books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I don’t have such a problem with the post because it is her opinion and she presents it as her interpretation of what the Bible says.  Which any good opinionated writing should do. What follows is what is irritates me. The judgement of those who want to or do read such a book in the comments sections. If you want to see judgery (made that word up) at its finest read that.

Most don’t know it, but I am an extremely spiritual person. But I am private with it. I view religion very differently because how I came to love the Lord. I have talked about it before here and more that I cannot explain but can’t find. This has been and will always be my major complaint with religion and that is that it gives some the believed right to judge others. I even fall into that mindset sometimes when I see people who proclaim loud and proud their religious beliefs but don’t “act” the way I believe Christians should. And isn’t my thinking by its very nature wrong? It is an easy conclusion to make. And one that I have no right to make.

Thankfully, in my educational training I feel like I have come to see the Bible as the Bible and a book. For me that changes how I view it. But more than anything, these judgments in the comments of this post interfere with my own personal interpretation of the Bible. I read 50SoG. Did I think the series was so awesome? Nope. Not really. Writing was so so. Did I become invested in characters? Yes probably but as a writer more  how I could improve them. Did I read the rest of the series? Nope, probably won’t either. Did I like what it did for my marriage at the moment? Yup. Does that make me a horrible sinner, adulter and awful woman? By some standards maybe. But by the God I know? Nope.

Which really stays right in line with how I view religion. I am not perfection. But I do live in a perfect world created by a Perfect God. The rest of it is imperfection. So if God is mad that I read 50SoG then I guess I will answer for that later. But I do know that God wants me to have a strong marriage, he wants children to read good books and in the end decide for themselves to choose His light and His way. It is all about interpretation of this book. If that means I am committing adultery and I should be judged for it (according to these comments) then that is my cross to bear and I am 100% positive I will when that time comes.

And my real irritation from the post? Apparently reading anything fiction is bad? Well since I am a Christian woman I will keep my lips shut and take the opportunity to say, “I am not perfect”. All I will say, “PPPPPSHAWWWW”!

IPAD Sharing…

Okay, so I know you are reading. I see it in my stats. So please if any of you are teachers out there I need some thoughts and input on IPAD apps that can be used in the classroom. My students and I will all be using these things. I have one in my home and two ipod touches and know next to nothing. I love technology via the big fat ol’ PC that is likely considered a dinosaur at this point. I need to know about all things Apple. I know for proclaiming high tech use in classroom I am behind. But I am willing to do it. I just need some help heading that way! Please leave me comments, I never ask but I really need them. Please. Okay enough  begging? And smartboards too? I got one of those too!

Okay, so this concludes my irritating post. Ha ha! I am off to shop for multiple graduation cards. And hopefully surprise my family and show up for a graduation party. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing…Give me a break!

  1. I read the post on not reading FSoG, but what really got to me were the comments! Wow! I cannot imagine giving up all fiction books or TV entirely. No thanks!

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