30 Days of Truth – Day 6

I suppose it is time again for some truth seeking, huh? Today’s question was a weird one to think of. Initially, I thought I have done most of the things I would never want to do. Then the harder I thought the more I came up with some. I think this would be a better read by keeping a list of things I hope to never do. As in ever!

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope I never have to…

  • Say good bye to my baby girls or my guy – and we know what I mean when I say, “Good bye” right? The mere thought of it makes me have stomach pains and food lurching up. And by this I can also add in the list all of the ways in which this would happen and how I hope I never have to watch it, be a part of it or experience it.
  • Experience a plane crash
  • Have surgery again
  • Move again. Seriously, I detest moving horribly. My house could be a little bit bigger but for the sheer fact my guy and I hate moving we stay. Don’t even contemplate moving. But we do contemplate adding on ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Be fired/laid off from a job. I was thinking about my luck in jobs. I have had five jobs in my life. 1) For a flower shop doing office type duties, 2) For my dad doing cleaning or whatever he needed done, 3) For Delta Faucet as a Customer Service Account Rep, 4) A college instructor, and 5) A 9-12 teacher. I have been so lucky in every single one. I truly hit the jackpot as far as work goes. I loved what I did. I left before things got bad (economy mostly) and maintain friendships at all of the places.
  • Go through a teen pregnancy. I am not sure why but this is a horrible fear of mine. It is not something I have ever experienced but I really truly hope never to have to either!
  • Face a world where I cannot write. That is probably a weird one but writing is my world. I do it so much every day. If my words were to be stifled for whatever reason I would be one of those rebels who would do it anyway!


It may not be happening daily, but it will happen 30 times….My 30 Days of Truth


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