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Whatever Sharing…

I was not even sure I would make it around to this today. It became operation clean my house the best you can. It took all five of us and there were probably about 1000 fights. And no that is no exaggeration.

So I had a staff meeting this week for my new job and I am just so incredibly lucky with all of this. The staff I am working with is awesome. My admin staff they have all just been so supportive and everyone is 100% behind what it is we are starting here and it feels awesome to be a part of that.

The meat of the meeting was determining little things like what kind of furniture I want in my room. What kinds of bookshelves. Do I want to paint a different color than has already been painted? What do I want my name plate to say? Which room do I want. It is all just so awesome.

Our campus is meant to have a university campus feel to it. It does. We have a commons area that will be full of food, drinks, couches and computers. How much more college can you get than that? My classroom is smack dab in the middle of that. I am so excited.

Officially *unless something changes and in education something always changes* I will be teaching Novels, Developmental Reading Strategies, Composition, Creative Writing and Successful Study Habits. The other English teacher will teach the mandatory high school curriculum and I am doing the college prep/college credit courses. For now, we are all teaching the core study courses that our sponsoring university mandates. The study habits and developmental reading (I am the only one teaching this I believe) are two of them. The great thing about that though is the students get credits for them. Our school is very much being modeled after this campus. And this campus has some pretty awesome statistics. I am very proud to be a part of this, and now I pray it is successful.

Novels Sharing…

I have really had to get a grasp on what my new students will be able to accomplish during the week. I know that is it very different than my college freshman. So I am planning my novels with some help from previous teachers of the course. It has been fun.

I have really only decided on two at this point and I am reading/rereading them. The first is The Hound of Baskervilles. I adore this book and have read it several times. I think it is one the students will really be drawn into. It is a mystery and I remember the first time I read it thinking I would hate it and it was a Sherlock Holmes book and therefore, blah. I was wrong. I finished it long before I was supposed to. And have enjoyed reading it each time since.

The second for sure novel is Speak. I have actually never read this text but I can easily tell it is a great one to start off with. It will be easily relatable and a great one to discuss with peers. My school is pulling kids from four area high schools and they are all gonna be jockeying for their social spot. I think this will help facilitate that in a positive manner. I started reading this yesterday and am about halfway through and I like it. I am not sure I love it but I always kind of reserve my feelings about books until I am done. I try and see them as a whole and then bits and pieces. I can see why it would be popular with a student population.

I have a few others that have been suggested to be read but I need to sit down and talk with some of the other teachers who have taught these before in a novels course because when I think novel I am not sure I think of them but they made the list. Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey and a few others that are escaping my brain. Once I can talk shop with some of the other language arts teachers that have taught this I can get a better feel for it all.

Other classes sharing…

Creative Writing and Composition are my other two specialty courses that will always remain in my teaching area, but they will be next semester. The first semester seems to be based in reading and comprehension and the second in writing. Of course, I will have them writing both semesters and I would assume their other courses will too.

Now for my classes this semester. I am down to my last pre-req which is the Scholarship of Writing. I actually put it off because I wanted the prof that was teaching it this time. She is my friend and mentor and it may be the last time I have her. 😦 I also taking Feminist Rhetoric. I am on the fence on this one. There is a class offered on teaching composition. I have taken it as an undergraduate. Never as a grad. However, I feel like it would be so helpful to my job. Timewise, it works a bit better into my schedule. I am still deciding on all of this. Then it will be down to the final two which I have no clue about. I am just praying really hard I can make it through this fall semester with myself, my family and my job in tact. It will be a high stakes, high stress year but I am ready to tackle it.


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