MommyJargon’s Vacation Day

There are good things and surprisingly, some bad things about being a stay at home at home mom during the summer.

A few of the good things include watching the kiddos swim, going on bike rides, doing art projects together, listening to the kids read books and play together, see their cute smiling faces with Koolaid mustaches, and me reading books while they play with the neighbors.

Bad things are losing track of your days, the kids sleeping in so late that it feels like your entire day is shot, listening to the kids bicker all day long, keeping the kids off of electronic devices, being on duty 24-7,  and having a husband who still needs to go to bed early and work all day.

The last bad thing makes for very little time away from the kiddos.  It doesn’t help that he has had to work a lot of overtime and I basically only see him being first base coach at Oldest’s softball games.  I know I should be happy spending 24-7 with my kiddos and I usually am, but when I get no time off at all, especially with no Daddy help, I start to go a little crazy.

Ok, a lot crazy.

So last night, a rare night with no ball games, I went out with Mommy Rhetoric for dinner.  We also browsed the clearance racks at few stores and wondered around a Barnes and Nobles.  It was wonderful.  We even avoided talking about kids for the most part.  It was just what I needed.  I came home ready to be  Mommy again.

I know I was recharged because today we PAINTED.  🙂


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