Phew I hope I can keep up!

This week has been a whirl wind of training, meeting, greeting, sweating, painting. moving, lesson planning, reading, talking and going…….

365.213-IPADS—-I am so lucky! My district is rolling out a full on IPAD usage by the whole corporation. I will be using my IPAD along with my students (each will have one) in coordination with AppleTV in my room to meet the needs of a demand for technology enriched education. To do this I had to have training and will have more and more. So now I have a fun little toy that I am trying to convert into my little handy teaching tool. In the meantime….Baby Girl #2 is schooling me.

Now all yesterday I was adding my manual labor to our hallways working arm in arm with parents and staff of my school. I really wanted to snap pictures cause that is just what I do. But being that my school is an exciting new adventure I figured there was probably someone better out there to share the end result at a later date. When August rolls around, it will be out there. I didn’t even take my own shots because the temptation would be too strong.

365.214 (BEFORE)-But I can share my classroom in the making. All this week they have been installing our wiring for our stuff I mentioned above. The absolute mess was making me nuts. It was utter chaos.

My room when you walk in. See what I mean?

My room from my desk.

I couldn’t even begin to start thinking about what I actually needed to do because it was so crazy! I heard everyone saying yesterday that the building would be quiet today, so I trekked my way in there (22 minutes door to door) and worked to make it at least organized chaos.

And this is what I did. I cleaned up all desks, moved them to the center of the room readying them for paint, posters, and my bookshelves that will be in there soon. That is 36 desks, 36 chairs. All of my classes are low except one is 35.

And this one is for my mother in law. A long time and well respected retired elementary teacher who shared with me the little nugget that elementary teachers say that, “All high school teachers need to get their rooms ready was a flag (and desks I think).” I got my shiny flag and desks, so I guess I am ready. I am eager to see once I start work what high school teachers say elementary teachers need to teach. I get the feeling this is a long running feud similar to the Mommy Wars. Who works harder? My guess…..we all do!

And just because this always makes me smile. This is our teachers lounge area. A very 70’s home economics classroom. It has a china cabinet to the left with real china and behind me there is entertaining furniture. And we have a few fridges, microwaves, stoves, washers and dryers in case we want to do laundry while we are in there. All decked out in burnt orange.

I will post more as I progress in my room.


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