Saturday Sharing-Let’s just admit it now!

No matter where you ended up in life you always envisioned decorating your classroom. I think that is the one thing I hear the most when I tell people about my new job. It is shrills of “How will you decorate?” I met my co-teacher (she teaches the grade level English) this week and after introductions we both confer with how we plan to do it up in our rooms.

In my university the rooms come pre-packaged (ha ha!) and you have an office. My office was shared with all my TA cohorts. So decorating was minimal unless we decided to write on chalkboard. Most of the time it was the place for smart ass comments about our brilliance (or maybe a demonstration of lack of).

Side Note: I read somewhere OCD peeps are full of words and often add parenthesis to everything they write (Do I do that?) because they have so much to say.

Anyway back to my train of thought. Thankfully my best friend, MommyJargon, is so much better as having creative visions than me. I have creativity in writing and that is about it. I can sew pretty mean too (when I decide to do it, of course…ok I just did that to be funny). I told her of my job and swore her to secrecy. But immediately she was on the prowl and educating herself on how to decorate a language arts classroom.

Now that my room is beginning to take shape I gotta think this through so I have been digging through the pins she offered up and some I have found on my own. I thought I would share.

Poster Sharing….

Admittedly my favorites are from Echo-Lit Company. Here are two favs…

A big part of this first semester is going to be reading. I am teaching two classes solely focuses on grasping that function. The first is developmental reading (This is probably my favorite) which works with kiddos who need a little more assistance with comprehension. I am told most of it is a confidence thing this first year and students were allowed to place themselves into it or my Novels class for grade level or above readers. Those with confidence or true testing issues ended up in this class. I stoked to work with them. For my Novels class I am loving some of the literary terms posters. It is hard to even pick some. The bitesized posters are neat too.

Then MommyJargon thought she may try her hand at these types of posters. I just gotta corner a quote and get her some supplies.

And these are expensive but cool…

And my absolute favorite from Hunger Games….

And the second semester will be all about writing. I am teaching composition and creative writing. So naturally you gotta have writing posters…

All the cool kids do it, right?

This one probably won’t make the cut but it always makes me smile!

And this one addresses something English teachers see all the time (and is probably another fav)

And these are the funny ones that I love! MommyJargon, that girl knows me!

Oh the possibilities are endless! Teachers Discovery is a great site, too for some of these.

Teaching Links…

Web English Teacher has links for just about every story that has been taught in the 9-12 classroom.

Patchwork Jackie-This site has awesome resources for college and high school. I have followed Jackie for a long time and turns out she knows my mentor (I suppose unofficially but always felt she was)

Musings of One Educator a good and resourceful blog.

Free Teaching Kits-These kits use classroom lessons to teach tolerance for others.

So I guess that is it for Saturday Sharing. I guess the biggest decision I need to make first is do I paint or not? I have been checking out Behr Paints Interactive Paint Center. I did quite a bit of work for the company through Delta and got to see how they operated. It is harder to find their paint around here but I always use and rely on their colors to get mine.


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