Baby Girl # 2 was born today…

The night before I went into labor I was tired and my guy was rubbing my feet and I said, “I am so ready for her to come. Any day but tomorrow.” It was June 25th and my sisters birthday is June 25th. I have always been funny about people sharing birthdays. I just kind of thought they should be special on their days.

A bad thunderstorm moved through around 2AM. I could right away tell labor was looming. #1 was fussing from the thunder and I reassured her all was well and climbed into a tub. It didn’t stop. My guy went to work and was there for two hours when I called and said, “We gotta go to the hospital.”

Once he got home we decided to do a long walk in hopes of making sure this was really it. It was. An hour labor we were in the hospital in full blown labor and getting an epidural.

This labor was so foreign to what I went through with #1. I was in labor with her for 3 stinking days. With #2 I was in labor with her for a little over 12 hours. Start to finish. It was all so quick I even delivered as the doc was trying to get dressed and prepped for my delivery.

I told him I didn’t need him anyway cause she was bound and determined she was coming. And she did. She was so tiny. 6lbs and 1 oz. By the time we left the hospital she was (edited because really…15lbs?) 5lbs and 12oz.

We wanted her so bad. She was so special and filled a hole that had been created in our loss. But nothing about her was ever normal. And you know what…I wouldn’t change a thing. She came screaming dramatically into this world and her life has not been any different.

Her presence is magnet and brittle. Her tininess is fierce and big. My sweet baby girl turned 8 today! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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