Saturday Sharing…The Family Is Coming!

My brother & sister in law are making a visit today. The girls adore their uncle. They always have. Don’t get me wrong, they love all their relatives. They just love their uncle.

Education Sharing…

I haven’t honestly been surfing much this week. Well I take that back, I have. But it is curriculum and well that is probably boring city for my readers. This is a great site thought even if it you are just a parent. I have always made it part of my job to familiarize myself what is expected of my girls. Not to hold it against the teacher and their teaching but to hold myself accountable as a partner to their teacher. The learning connection had a great site for all things education in Indiana.

I found a great site similar to pinterest for education. It is called Learnist. I am only beginning to check it out! It is still in beta form and you have to request to be invited! But from what I was introduced to it is nice.

IPAD App Sharing…

I am new to the ipad scene. But I have been bombarded in training and just mere spread that I have an IPAD with help. Here are a few of my favs.

  • My #1 by far….Nearpod. It claims to be the only app synchronizing teacher and student ipads. Think about it. 30 some kids and each has an ipad. How in the world do you keep them engaged in your lecture? Nearpod has the answer to that. The IPADS through the use of a pin # pull students into a virtual classroom/presentation where you control their ipads and the speed of the lecture. You can give quizzes on it, visually see who has left and gone to home screen and react accordingly,  take surveys and have kids draw. The capabilities are endless. And it is free. You only can use ten “lessons” but I think that is entirely doable. The even better part? If you have created a power point lesson plan it will convert it for you allowing you to add in some of the interactive features likes quizzes and surveys. How awesome is that?
  • Mickey’s Road Rally-An interactive Mickey’s Clubhouse. An obvious hit at my house with #3. She adores it and can talk back to Mickey when he asks questions.
  • My fitness pal has an awesome app. What I like about it is its smart uses….scan your food. It has all the nutritional information. Tell it what exercises you are doing it calculates your loss. It has massive interactivity for your goals and how to meet them and tells you when you haven’t eaten enough or too much. Same with exercise.
  • Draw Something-Just a fun game all around and I love playing with my daughters. They try and cheat and just write the word. I refuse to play then. I make them draw. It is so fun!
  • Coolest Looking App-Weather Channel’s App is so cool looking and if you flip to the landscape view it shows what it is doing which I imagine will be kind of awesome with snow. 😦
  • Though the app is still under development I really think I like My Big Campus. Which looks and acts a lot like facebook with Blackboard interwoven. This is what my district has decided to use for our students and classes. It is just one more way to reach them where they are and all grades pre-k-12 will be using it. It has censors in place as it should with this age group. I accidentally tested it out. I was example of how to connect twitter to it. Well then I wrote my Bad Ass softball player post (they always go to twitter too) and it posted to my wall on big campus. I got a love note suggesting I be a little more careful with my language. HA ha! Whoopsy! Needless to say I disconnected.
  • Last one…Directv. It allows you to watch direct tv in real time. It is actually amazing technology. Supposedly, you can watch your dvr’ed stuff but either you can’t or we can’t figure it out yet.

I will admit now most of my uses are social in nature. Once I am teaching I am 100% positive that will change. For now, my girls enjoy this more than I do.


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.

One thought on “Saturday Sharing…The Family Is Coming!

  1. I’ve had an ipad for some time now and love it!! So you use your ipad with school? My son’s school is looking into getting some ipads and how it would work within a classroom (elementary age). What all do you do with yours for school? i’m going to look at the nearpod and see what it’s all about.

    Saw photos of the storm…it was bad here too! Some of our friends were without power for 15+ hours!! It came on pretty fast too!

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