What in the world was that?

Yesterday, I was so lazy and stayed in bed all day long sleeping on and off all day long. I was sleeping a good little stretch when I saw a tree outside of my window unnaturally bent in a direction it should not have been. I got up quickly and looked outside and just then the suction in the window scared the crap outta me. Sleepy Mommy went in to panic mommy mode and had my girls in our bathtub with pillows and blankets in 15 second flat. #3 was asleep in her bed by a window and my guy took up camp with her.

Whatever was moving through was freakishly weird. It was a storm without rain. There were raging winds, pitch black skies and eerie screeching sounds. I knew whatever was going on outside was not good.

I peeked outside and snapped that shot quickly. And while out there my trees were literally on their sides. Trees that I had never ever seen sitting on their sides.

Honestly, this picture does it little justice because our winds were recorded at 91mph during this storm. This picture clearly is not 91mph. During those gust it was hard to even open our patio door. I tried.

Finally 10 minutes later it calmed down and actually stormed. Thought it left little rain in its wake. However, there was quite a bit of damage and our cell service was spotty because of it all. The photographer in me was dying to get out there and see it all as it just happened so I did.

A tree that just totally uprooted here in this yard. It is missing a huge hunk of itself though. Wanna see that?

It is in the neighbors yard across the street. How unsafe is that? I consider my whole neighborhood incredibly blessed because this was a common scene. Trees all over the place. Not little twigs. Full on adult mature trees.

And roof damage like this…everywhere! This is our neighbors behind us back yard. We were watching as their shingles were taking flight. And praying hard our newly placed roof weathered the storm just fine (and it did.)

And here is Cece who is kind of tired of me leaving her and going outside to snap pictures after the storm. She hates storms. She is clearly exhausted. Whatever it was, was scary! Since I have moved here I can honestly say we have had some of the worst weather like that that I have ever seen.


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