I have been cooking my peeps! (part 1)

Things are always go go go in the summer and on the rare nights we have nothing to do I long for a home cooked meal. But now that I am a Momma and wife that means I am doing that cooking. So this week we had that rare occasion and I decided after a long, long day of IPAD training that this Momma was making an oldie but goodie. Spaghetti and meatballs. I am gonna share that recipe here with you guys. I always get great compliments on this recipe and it is really versatile. And if I shared here before…forgive me and play along.

This is a pound and half of a lean hamburger. I prefer it actually but we buy ours from the meat shop and I usually gravitate toward lean. I think it would be fine to use whatever you prefer. This is the part that is versatile if you are going spaghetti use Italian flavors. If you are going for barbeque use smokey and savory flavors. For this I measure nothing. I add 1 egg, a tsp or two of minced garlic, about 2-3 tbsp of spaghetti sauce and oatmeal to help bind.

Usually I make big meat balls that can be broken up over spaghetti and one will take care of a plate. For my girls though who aren’t the biggest fans of meatballs I went small. I thought they would think they were cute and would eat them better and it worked.

I made one inch balls and places them into a “pammed” (just made the noun Pam a verb…yes I did) skillet. You can use a stove top skillet. I prefer an electric skillet for less mess with one pan usage.

I fry them turning on all sides so they turn dark but not burnt. After they are done I drain them on paper towel and empty out as much of the grease as you can. For me, there is not usually much.

Try and hold your tongue on calling your guy a meat-head for taking  your picture while cooking. I have to get an extra hand to snap when I am cooking. Usually he minds. You will find today and tomorrow he does not!

If you like extra onions leave preferred amount of fat in there and mince them and brown till translucent. Add in spaghetti sauce and add balls back into the pan.

Now from here you can serve immediately (checking to make sure they are cooked through) but the longer they hang out in the pan cooking on low the better it tastes. YUM!


Alternatives to cooking: You can bake them in the over at 350 for about 25 minutes. Add time for fatter balls.

They also freeze really well after cooked too.


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