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I have never been a huge coffee drinker, I have enjoyed a cup here or there, but I never even owned a coffee maker.

But, like a lot of people…

I love Starbucks.  My favorite is White Chocolate Mocha.  I like it hot, iced, and even frappuccino.

Thankfully I don’t live near one and only get them a few times a year.

So when I saw this in a Target ad before Christmas I thought it would be a great gift for my parents to get my hubby.  (Heck, I wasn’t going to give up my present for an appliance!)

Mr. Coffee Cafe Frappe

It is wonderful we have really enjoyed trying many different recipes.  As it turns out, my husband even uses it a lot more than me!

I started looking into the single cup coffee makers like Kuerig, but decided they were a bit pricey for my budget.  Then I happened to be chatting up a Starbucks employee one day the she suggested a french press.  I found one on sale at Macy’s and used one of their ever-popular 20% off coupons and got it for $12.  I have been in love with it.  In fact, I went from a once-in-awhile coffee drinker to a big ‘ol mug everyday kinda gal.

I also love to pour a little (ok, a ton!) of this into it-

Italian Sweet Crème Liquid

Now that is it is summer and the mornings around here are already in the upper 80’s and upper 90’s by early afternoon, hot coffee doesn’t sound so wonderful.  I have gotten accustomed to the caffeine though and do not want to switch to soda.  So when I saw this and this on Pinterest I couldn’t wait to try it!

So after reading those two recipes here is what I did:

I put 8 cups of cold water into a glass pitcher.  I added 2 cups of freshly course ground Starbucks coffee (I used one cup medium roast and one cup dark roast.)  Stir, and keep in fridge overnight.  I think I had mine in for about 16 hours before I got around to straining it.  Then I used my french press to strain the grounds.  (Much quicker than the filter method.)

I then filled two insulated cups about 1/3 full of the coffee, added ice until about an inch to the top and then I topped it off with my favorite creamer shown above.  I gave them a stir and a little taste test and adjusted them just slightly with a little more coffee.

Then the kids and I headed to the “beauty parlor” so my mother-in-law could trim up the boy’s hair.  She took one sip from her cup and declared it, “Delicious!”  My father-in-law was also there so we bugged him until he finally consented and tried a sip.  He liked it too.  My middle kiddo loved it and I had to pry it away from him so he wouldn’t get to jacked up on caffeine!

I am also going to make some ice cubes out of it so the drinks don’t get diluted and they last longer!

Happy coffee drinking!


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