MommyJargon’s Vacation Tales Part I


Are you thinking, “Ahhhhhh, vacation! Rest! Relaxation! Fun!”?

Nope?  Not thinking that?  Me either.  I have had a few of those vacations, but mostly the things that come to mind are: long lines, high prices, disappointing food, way too much walking, and a very stubborn hubby.

Sometimes I think he is proud of my vacation stories where he is the villain.  The agenda nazi who will not be swayed off the beaten path to just take it easy and not see every expensive tourist trap.  For example, when we were first married he thought that it was very sad that I had never taken the high school trip to Washington DC.  He planned the vacation, took care of all the details.  When we got there, he walked me around the entire city, through millions of museums, around the monuments, and to Chinatown.  He made me walk all day, every day.  He refused to pay for a taxi or even a metro pass.  Stop someplace and relax?  Forget it, there was too much to see to stop.  I still cannot go into a museum without cringing a little.

Luckily for me, most of our family vacations have been actually just going on business trips with my husband.  In the past he has gone to cool places in California and Florida so the kids and I just tag along.  While he works, we head to the beach or the hotel pool.  Sometimes we go to zoos or pet stores and look around since Hubby is allergic to most animals and they cause his asthma to flare up.  Then when he gets off work we let him drag us to amusement parks or important places in history.

For our tenth anniversary we cashed in all of our airline points and hotel points from all of his work travel and went to Hawaii!  For this trip we (really me) decided that we only had time to see one island.  We each made a list of the things that we wanted to do and we were going to plan the trip together (because I really didn’t want to end up hating Hawaii!)  I made him relax on the beach and watch sea turtles and explore the tide pools.  He made me take a hike across the rocky southern coast to see the strange green sand beach.  I made him take a helicopter ride over a volcano.  He made me hike up a huge volcano to see one of the world’s largest telescopes and go stargazing.  I made him stroll through botanical gardens and see waterfalls.

It was the best vacation ever.


Want to know a secret?  I thought my hubby was driving like a complete maniac on the curvy roads the entire vacation, that he was making me carsick.  When really I was pregnant with Youngest and having morning sickness!  I didn’t figure it out until I we got home and I was still “carsick”!


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