Growing up my mom was a working mom. In fact, I remember very little time where she wasn’t working. But I said it before and I will say it again…”It takes a village” and for me part of that village was my mom’s best friend and my Godmother. She adored my sisters and I. She baby sat us. She was also friends with my dad and my mom (at least it felt like she was) despite the divorce which was kind of nice because I never felt pulled to one side or the other with her.

Anyway, we always had such a special relationship. I mean she loved my sisters and such but her and I we just connected and she always felt like someone who I could trust and love very much. When she stopped baby sitting me I remember struggling to get along with new sitters and their environments. She felt like a second mom and they did not. What I will never forget is her special nickname for me. It was “nanners”. I loved bananas. I still do. I eat about 3-4 a day. When I have eaten nothing at all, or I am sick or just not hungry you can rest assured I have had a banana.

So I am guessing yesterday’s try out was natural leep for me and one that grossed my family out. I had a s’more with bananas on it. Maybe it was weird? Maybe it is something that is already being made. Whatever it is, I want to live in the world where I was the first one who thought of it. Ha!

365.227-Banana S’more (inspired by Paula Deen who grilled a banana

with marshmallows and chocolate chips in it)

And in the end I will always be grateful for strong women like Sandy in my life. With women like her guiding me I never questioned who I was.


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