Saturday Sharing that is all over the place.

This week I guess my brain shut down. My job is overwhelming and I needed a break. My principal made us all promise before he took his break that we would spend time with family and recharge because what we are doing is huge. Not huge grandiose terms. Huge in the way we have to prove that what we are creating can work and will be successful. I suppose I was hired because I cannot anything but. But I know there are other opinions out there. I heard some but most of it is just unknown.

What I have is curriculum building in college isn’t all that different to what I am doing now. At my university you have goals. Here I have the goals of to very invested groups. I feel fine with that. I am not at all scared about the teaching. I am just overwhelmed by all that has to be accomplished before August 6th. My room, my curriculum, my first few weeks of lesson plans, my first full time job since my #1 was 8 months old. And oh yea, I am masters student.

So how does this lead to where I have been surfing this week? Well honestly, not much surfing has taken place. I have been playing mindless apps on the IPAD, hanging out with my guy, hanging with my chicks, and 1 full day of painting with MJ.

Less of Me Sharing…

So workouts are harder to come by because of various reasons, but I do fit in what I can at home and work out quite a bit with #1 on the diamond while she practices with her pitching coach (I am the official ball chaser). My eating though is all over and to be truthful hasn’t really been the same since my whole illness back in Feb-March. I think it has worked in my favor because this week I crossed the threshold of a 30lb weight loss since my surgery. YAHOO!

You know who has less of them too? My guy. He had a recent bad round of TMJ. It messed with his eating. He has always hovered around 180 which is where ended up after diet changes from when we found out he had an enlarged heart in 2010 from untreated high blood pressure. Well after this TMJ cycle that seemed to go on for almost 3 months he was down to 160. This is lower than his high school senior weight. His clothes are falling off and t-shirts look like tents on him. The good news is for the last week or so his jaw has been unclinching and he has had no spasms. So his eating is back to normal. He amazes me too. He runs faithfully, usually 3 miles every other day, outside, on concrete even when it is 100 out. His blood pressure is picture perfect. He is amazing. The picture of health and that isn’t where he was in 2010, so I am so glad it scared us all to make positive lifelong changes.

Weather Sharing….

Holy Heck is it hot out there? We are on day 3 or 4 of over 100. So most of what we have been doing is finding ways to stay cool! I won’t even complain though because of that freak storm we had the other day there were several without power for many days and some still now.

You know that freak storm I told you about here? Well it has a name. A super derecho other wise known as a land hurricane. So #2 and I spent quite a bit of a few days researching derecho’s. She is fascinated with weather.

The June 29th Derecho

I think that is probably enough sharing for this Saturday. Until next week!


Get a glimpse of where I surf regularly? Go to Saturday Sharing.


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