Progress is being made…

Last night MommyJargon and I were texting. I admitted to being overwhelmed at doing up my classroom. Some of it lack of creativity, some of it is budget but most of it is because I am wrangling with many of things concerning this job. Curriculum being really high on the list. It will be/has been an adjustment to say the least. But thankfully I have mommyjargon because she has had a blast helping me. Helping to check one more thing off the list and take the tiny bites I can and do. One at a time. So anyway….for my 501 thank you to her. Thank you. 😉

365.231-Well the first look at the class was in this post. And here is the progress we made two days after painting.

This my view from the front (front side actually). You see there my bookshelf that looked huge when I picked it out but somehow that wall, my room swallowed it whole. Good news is what I thought was a a lot of books also got swallowed hole and I have tons of room to grow. My very blank but very shiny new (looking) black bulletin board with a design  yet to be decided. My prized possession of my avocado colored chairs straight from 1970’s. They need cleaned but they are all mine.  You can kind of see my classroom connected to the social studies classroom.

The wonderful part about this arrangement is the cutting edge technology. There are no expenses really being spared in this line item. To compete, to educate and attract new students you have to be top of the line. So we are. I just have to figured it all out! ACK!

So you see my new smart-board that scares the hell out of me. I think MJ and I stood there for 20 minutes trying to decide if we should write on it with the markers not sure if they would actually mark. They do. But they don’t. There is an eraser for the imaginary pen that works but doesn’t. Oh how I need schooled in this. I gotta get this figured out.  Apple TV…yea well I am a PC so they say. I will figure it out though and because I am old a plain dry erase board I opted to keep.

And my flag for my mother in law. It was also the crowning glory on our paint job that is finished. One wall and bulletin board painted by parents. The other three painted by MJ and I. My students and myself look at the dusty purple. The other two are eggshell, oyster or standard school off white whatever you want to call it.

Now it is time to decorate! The fun stuff as MJ says.


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