Little Funnies…

I guess we have arrived in that funny things they say stage with # 3. Because almost daily she is cracking us up with her antics.


#2: Mom, who will #2 look like when she is older?

Me: Not sure, she has always been a good mix of you and #1. Your coloring, but #’s features. I guess we will see.

#3: And Daddy’s BIG (with much emphasis) attitude. Why’s he always yelling at you? (For the record: He literally has never yelled at me…EVER). Now if we flipped I am not sure. Maybe she meant Momma’s BIG attitude. 😉

#2 and I lose it in laughter at this point and I proclaim perfection.

#3: What so funny?


#3: Momma, I want an apple in my  head.

Me: Huh? An apple?

#3: #2 has an apple. I want an apple.

#2: I think she means carrot. Remember that is what I call a pony tail.


#3: Momma, damn nit (sounding like that)! You making me mad!

And #2 is usually good for a laugh because her world is pretty literal. She is a bit like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory and sarcasm is so lost on her. I often forget this because most of my speak is sarcasm. We always tell the girls, if you are thirsty. Get water. Don’t ask. If you are hungry eat a good snack. Don’t ask. If you want to read a book don’t ask. Read. Yes you can go to my bathroom, you gotta go. Don’t ask.

So anyway almost daily she will ask all the above. She is a rule follower. And almost daily I sarcastically say no. Just to be a smart alec. And almost daily I make my poor baby girl cry cause I am saying no.

The funny part of this story now is that every time she asks and I reply no. She says:

Momma, you are being sarcastical right?

Best funny in awhile:

Election coverage on news.

#2: Mom, I sure hope you aren’t gonna vote for that Romney dude. He wants to put seat belts on buses you know?

She says it in the most serious tone and manner. Me wondering what she has against school bus safety.

Me: What is wrong with seat belts?

#2: Mom! (As if I should understand why this is so bad)

#2: By the way who ARE you gonna vote for?

Me: Not sure yet baby. I still got a while to decide.

#2: Well not really. Don’t forget the seat belts when you are making your decision. I wish I could vote.


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